Samurai Spirits paves the way for Android and tests combat skills

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In addition, a summary of this week’s game news and some prestigious mentions to conclude things.


We at AP put together the best Android games every week, allowing anyone to delve into the best releases of the week. This includes some prestigious mentions and an overview of the week’s mobile games, as well as always outstanding titles. news. Our standout this week is Samurai Shodown, a classic Neo Geo fighting game that is still great today. Below the best games of the week was a busy week with a summary of the week’s game news and lots of interesting events. Of course, at the end of today’s summary, there is a sound list of prestigious references suitable for different gamers. So if you’re looking for the best game to be released this week, you’re in the right place.

Best game of the week

Samurai spirits

Neo Geo has been weeping lately, usually releasing classic games on mobile twice a week. This week, one of the best Neo Geo games ever created has been released on the Play Store. Yes, I’m talking about OG’s Samurai Spirits, which still remains a great fighting game. There are 12 characters to choose from, all with unique skills and matching unique stages. There is nothing better than slicing and dicing your competitors with your nails, so it’s highly recommended to start with Genan. This is classic for a reason, don’t miss it.

Monetization: $ 3.99 / no ads / no IAP

What happened this week

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