Samsung Internet v17 works with web authentication API and security key support

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We’re catching up here, but it’s slower than ever

Samsung’s custom browser app is an alternative to Chrome that many people use just because it’s preloaded on Samsung phones. However, anyone can download Samsung Internet. For private types, it’s a good idea to browse the web behind the VPN to see the latest version. The v17 release includes privacy and feature improvements such as Samsung’s AI-powered Smart Anti Tracking tweaks and years of web authentication support. It was in beta, but stable software is running.

Samsung’s Smart Anti-Tracking is actually a collection of privacy measures that first appeared last year. Use machine learning on your device to scramble tracking cookies and block malicious ads. In v17This feature deletes all cookies on the device every week, necessary AI to do this. Samsung also states that it has made smart anti-tracking the default for devices in the US, South Korea and Europe. Even if you want to shut off, you can shut off in the settings. Also, from a privacy perspective, v17 makes HTTPS the default for web browsing, and there is a new privacy board on the quick access page (below) that shows all the ways browsers can protect their privacy.


The web authentication API makes it easier for your site to manage login tokens and improves overall security. Chrome, like Firefox, started supporting many years ago, and in this v17 live Time for Samsung to finally catch up.. The browser supports a third-party hardware security key or authenticates using the phone itself.

This latest build also offers some UX improvements. If you’re working with many tabs, I’m happy that your browser now supports custom tab groups. Custom tab groups can be organized with a simple drag and drop. You can select the text in the image using the new built-in live text feature.Press and hold[ライブテキスト]Select to have the phone identify the word and copy it to the clipboard.

The official version of Samsung Internet 17.0 is the Google Play Store or Samsung Galaxy Store..

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