PUBG Mobile introduces official Livik map

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2.0 brings new weapons, new vehicles, and classic map improvements here

PUBG Mobile 2.0 update

Two months have passed since the last update of PUBG Mobile. So when the game hits the 2.0 release, it’s time for new content to reappear. Starting this morning, a 2.0 update for PUBG Mobile will be available to players, adding some new weapons, new vehicles, and classic map improvements in addition to the official Livik map (newly released from beta). .. Of course, a new season is about to begin, with Royale Pass Month 11, also known as Hidden Hunters. Let’s dig in and see what’s new.

In the trailer above, you can easily get a glimpse of how PUBG Mobile 2.0 works, and while previewing the new official Livik map, you can get a glimpse of Evangelion’s crossover work (not mentioned strangely in the game). increase. 2.0 update announcement). In addition to new maps and tie-in events, players can expect a Livik-only box containing upgrades for five different weapons (AKM, M416, P90, MK12, and M24). A new vehicle, UTV (available in Aftermath), is also mixed.

Fans can also expect many improvements like enhanced shotguns, and on the social side of things, there are mini-soccer fields available at Cheer Park.

PUBG Mobile 2.0 Update (2)

For the new season, Cycle 2 Season 6 begins on May 19th and ends on July 18th. Season awards include C2S6 glasses, C2S6 sets, C2S6 parachutes, C2S6-QBU, C2S6 masks, and C2S6 covers. Royale Pass Month 11: Hidden Hunters offers additional prizes such as Favorite Crates and RP reward events.

So you have it. PUBG Mobile is now version 2.0 The latest update, dropped earlier this morning, brings new maps, vehicles and weapons. So if you want to see what’s new, you can get the install / update from the Play Store widget below.

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