Porsche Design PDB90: Soundbar with Dolby Atmos for €999

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Porsche Design is ready to cooperate with other manufacturers. For example, you have already done with KEF for noise canceling headphones General reason. But the brand also has its own soundbars. You are currently present already available PDB70, which costs 499 euros, has a higher quality flagship. This is the new Porsche Design PDB90, which should have a special feature. This soundbar’s upward-facing drivers can be tilted up to 20° to enhance three-dimensional sound and achieve a wider sweet spot. At least that’s what the manufacturer promises in his e-mail to the press.

We mentioned 3D sound, so naturally the Porsche Design PDB90 supports it. Dolby Atmos – and additionally DTS:X. In addition to the features of adjustable speakers, the new soundbar should also stand out with its clean design. To keep the minimalism, Porsche Design eschews rear speakers or an external subwoofer. Rather, the sub is integrated directly into the soundbar. A total of 16 drivers are used in the PDB90.

The side view shows that the updraft drivers can be tilted. |The side view shows that the updraft drivers can be tilted. | Image: Porsche Design

The manufacturer literally promises “outstanding sound quality.” Of course, you should have checked it yourself. What is clear is that PDB90 stands for system 5.1.2. There are two HDMI ports – one input and one output. Also eARC find support here. As additional connections, the manufacturer also mentions Optical, USB and AUX.

Porsche Design PDB90 now available in stores

Although the company says the PDB90 is already available in stores, Porsche Design stores and the supplier’s online store, it is not yet listed on the official website. However, this should change soon. It’s nice to note that a wall bracket is included in the package. Of course, you can also activate different sound modes for surround sound, more dialogue, or less dynamic range. The latter can be useful in rented apartments to protect neighbors in the evening.

The Porsche Design PDB90 also supports DTS:X.The PDB90 also supports DTS:X. | Image: Porsche Design

Those who want to connect the soundbar to mobile devices also have this option. That’s what Bluetooth is for. By the way, the subwoofer could be retrofitted, at least there is such a connection at the back. The power of the PDB90 is 316W (RMS). According to the manufacturer, it covers the frequency range from 60 Hz to 20 kHz. Dimensions are 1200 x 210 x 75 mm and weigh 8.69 kg.

The simple soundbar design is sure to find its fans. As for tonal qualities in direct comparison with competing models. for example from samsung ordered, of course, it is difficult to assess without a hearing test.

Porsche Design Soundbar: The Option for You? Is the PDB90 value for money or do you prefer other consorts?

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