Playdate's grainy B & W Tenet is like the trolling Christopher Nolan was looking for.

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Why watch a movie in a theater when you can watch a movie on a small pixelated screen?

Tenet Play Date Hero

As you know, some directors can be exaggerated auditors (or at least some can be perceived this way), so Christopher Nolan (Prestige, Inception, Interstellar Director) ) Sees Tenet in theaters in 2020 is stinking. It is a major target for trolling, thanks to this memetic outlook in an era when people were self-distanced. That’s why Twitter enterprising users loaded the movie into a little black. White pixelated screen of adorable new handheld gaming device known as Playdate.

Nolan gave his opinion in 2020 In the Washington Post work The theater was certainly suffering, and it quickly exploded with numerous articles claiming Nolan just wants to see his movie in the theaterConverted successfully To meme..Well, memes are always good for a few laughs, so someone makes a movie Play date As a no-run and interesting jab.

Twitter user jae (@jkap) Skillfully loaded a copy of Tenet into a small Playdate. This is a device that offers a resolution of 400×240 pixels on a 2.7 inch panel, a total of 173 pixels per inch, and the screen is not backlit. That’s why it’s the perfect trolling target for theater-quality movies. Probably the worst way to watch a movie. With a little ingenuity, you can see that your dream has turned into a meme.

What really seals the deal is that you can use Playdate’s hand cranks to fast forward and rewind the movie. This actually gives you an idea of ​​the rewinding charges for these old blockbusters. Imagine manually rewinding a video rental. No thank you.

So it’s Newly released Playdate There are some tricks on the sleeves than initially suspected. Not only is it a cute little device that is convenient to play with Assortment of original games,Thanks to that Accessable development softwareEnterprising users can load video content such as: Very suitable for small black and white screens..Now if I can understand how to get it without Wait until 2023..

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