Nostalgic patchwork wrapped in a gacha wrapper

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Last year, Square Enix was busy celebrating the 30th anniversary of the mana action RPG series, launching classic remasters such as the Trials of Mana and Legends of Mana on the Play Store. Of course, these are old games despite being remastered, so it’s almost time for new ones to appear. That’s why Square Enix has developed a brand new title in the Mana series, the Echoes of Mana. This is a free gacha game that offers a new story and was just released last week. Therefore, I revisited the guide to make sure it was up to date for global launch. So, now that the global version of the game has been released around the world, if you want to know how it stacks up, you’re in the right place.

Thankfully, Square provided the AP with a test build before its release, so we recorded a 40-minute gameplay video of the Echoes of Mana in action. This will give everyone a better understanding of what to expect from the game. .. Now that the Echoes of Mana is officially available, we also have a handy guide for those who are just starting their journey.

The 40-minute gameplay video above is what you really recorded and will take a closer look at the preview build of Echoes of Mana (not edited to clearly show the performance of the game). Thankfully, Square looks like little change between the preview I tested and the official release. As such, what you see is a very good representation of a complete release, bug, and everything else.

Mana Echo Gameplay (2)

From the beginning, it’s clear that Square is all-in the story-driven game. The Echoes of Mana provides a story that spans several past releases of the series, with classic characters returning to push the nostalgic button of the past. Despite its focus on the story, it is incredibly dull and full of incredibly dry and meaningless commentary. Not surprisingly, you need to save the mana tree again. It’s clear that this journey was written around collecting old and new characters in the mana world, rather than being there to tell an interesting story that is a problem with many F2P gacha games.

When you first dive into the game, you are forced into a long tutorial. For some reason, it can be filled with endless text that rarely explains how the game works. If you force developers to waste time with tutorials that can’t be skipped, especially if the UI design of the game is confusing, I think you can at least better explain how the game works. also, The casino floor is designed to be a mazeMuch like the F2P gacha game is designed to be a misleading intertwining of menus and upgrade systems backed by multiple currencies and stamina systems. It turns out that it’s very easy to lose track of what people are spending when they’re forced into constant turmoil.

Mana setting graphic echo

Next is the performance of the game. In this case, the loading time will be longer for some reason and weird black screen transitions will occur between all the scenes. This is very unpleasant, especially because this happens so often. Performance should be the last issue for games that provide incredibly stiff vector art and animation, but for games that can’t exceed 60 FPS, ROG 5 is always hot. Thankfully, you have the option to change the graphics settings so you can choose to play low, standard, or high. These settings do not affect the frame rate, but only reduce the resolution of the graphic.

Mana level-based echo (1)

Echo of mana character selection

When it comes to gameplay, this is the same shallow loop we’ve seen thousands of times, gathering star-rated characters to build a team to take part in a series of level-based RPG battles. .. These battles are at least real-time, so you have full control over your character. You can switch characters on the fly, depending on the skills you need to end the latest bad guys. This switch system is similar to the one used in the Trials of Mana, so thanks to Rock-paper-scissors’ battle mechanics, there are some strategies you can find when building and leveling up your team. There is also an automatic combat option. This means that most battles do not require manual control. For all intents and purposes, the gameplay loop follows every gacha game loop, but this time hitting the mana skin up.

Manasa Trepack Echo

Mana Store Jewel Echo

Of course, Echoes of Mana is a free play release, with in-app purchases up to $ 79.99 per item. These are primarily for buying in-game currency called Gems, but you can also buy 4-star harvest tickets (a way to sum up new characters). No matter how you slice it, there are several ways to pay directly for your character’s pull. So, by definition, the game is pay-to-win. Fortunately, there are no PvP components, only co-op, so at least players who sink large amounts of cash will not hurt your experience.

Ultimately, the Echoes of Mana offers inconsistent performance, dull writing, and little deviation from the typical gacha formula. Sure, it’s good to revisit the world of mana. Mana fans can enjoy the story with a lot of nostalgia, but sadly, Mana’s Echoes gameplay and graphics have been released to celebrate the series, especially this title, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the series. I’m sorry when I did.

Update: 2022/04/30 09:00 EST BY TECHVAIR

Updated for global release

With the Echoes of Mana officially available as a global release, this hands-on has been updated to reflect a stable version of the game.

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