New State Starts Season 3 with New Underbridge Map

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There are also two fresh rewards

PUBG NewState Underbridge Update Hero

PUBG: New State has been on track since its release, offering monthly updates, and today New State May Patch.. Fans can expect a new Round Deathmatch Map Underbridge, along with a level system added to Deathmatch. Fresh weapons and customizations are also mixed in, with improved controls to provide new in-game settings. Of course, Season 3 brings new rewards here. So strap it on. It’s time to delve into the May patch notes.

The video above details the new features in patch 0.9.32 and introduces you to the new Round Deathmatch map Underbridge. The video also shows a new Deathmatch progression system that can raise combat levels. Of course, the video details all notable changes in the game for this patch, focusing on new weapons such as the M110A1, additional control updates and settings, and season 3 rewards such as AWM and Vector reward skins. doing.

what’s new

  • New Round Deathmatch Map: Underbridge

  • New combat level system

  • New Weapon (M110A1) and Weapon Customization

  • New piggy back carry feature

  • Clan and community system updates

As you can see, the Play Store changelog has an overview of PUBG: New State May update, but if you don’t want to watch the video above, or if you’re looking for a complete changelog , The Official PUBG: New State WebsiteAlong with a secondary blog post that covers some Known issues introduced in this patchLike the issue of control sensitivity and the issue of players not being able to earn the conqueror’s tier rewards.

PUBG NewState Season 3

Overall, the new Round Deathmatch map is a welcome addition and we are confident that players will be pleased to see new round improvements in game control. Therefore, if you want to see what’s new this season with patch 0.9.32 released, you can get the install / update from the Play Store widget below.

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