Netflix Games launches Townsmen and Dragon Up when another expected game becomes MIA

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More games from Netflix, hey

Featured image (screenshot) Netflix game logo announced

At the beginning of the month, Relic Hunters brought its predatory shooter to Netflix Games. And today, subscribers are treated to check out two new titles. Townsmen and Dragon Up are all released as Netflix titles on the Play Store, and the third title, Moonlighter, is suspiciously lacking in today’s lineup, Posted on the Netflix site On today’s date.


The first Netflix game released today Townspeople..This is a strategy game, but don’t get too excited as the game is playing Available on Android for the last 10 years.. Of course, the Netflix re-release removes all in-app purchases and ads, and adds some new maps, scenery, skins, and more.

Like Apple Arcade and Google PlayPass, Netflix is ​​launching older mobile games that remove greedy monetization to enrich the catalog. So if you’ve been hoping to play Townsman for the last 10 years, but refused because of its poor monetization, now’s your chance to play without any hassle.

Dragon up

The second title released today was Dragon Up, which was an idol collection game. Recently removed from the Play Store Preparing to go back to the bottom of the Netflix game. Like Townsmen, Dragon Up is an older mobile game now available as a premium release (if you have access to your Netflix subscription).

As with most Dragon Collection games, spend time unlocking exotic habitats and preserving an ever-growing collection of scaled beasts. This time, you don’t have to empty your notebook to grow your collection. This is clearly a much better way. To spend time playing idol games.

In addition to the two games released on Netflix today, we also know that Exploding Kittens will soon be on the platform. The date was announced todayExpect to arrive on May 31st and squeak at the end of the month. Of course, Moonlighter should arrive soon after it’s been temporarily listed in the Play Store and before it disappears, so expect a third game in the near future. So not only are there two new games available today for Netflix games, but the third is expected next week and the fourth next week.

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