Marvel Snap is a new card game by former Hearthstone director

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There are new collectable card games that are skyrocketing to wipe out the competition

Marvel Snap Hero

There is a new Marvel title coming to mobile, it’s a trading card game from Nouvelle When Second dinner.. Second Dinner is a well-known name led by a former Hearthstone game director, ideally a studio that knows one or two things about CCG. This game is called Marvel Snap and, of course, collects hero cards to form a team to fight friends and enemies. So far, the details are simple, but there is already an announcement trailer that provides the first look and can be seen below.

The trailer above provides some important information while showing off some of Marvel Snap’s gameplay, along with a movie dash to excite fans. As with any card game, you’ll collect cards to build a deck and fight others doing the same. Ideally, the game is designed around a quick battle that removes confusion from the typical CCG formula, where each game lasts about 3 minutes. Interestingly, Marvel Snap is not turn-based. Here’s how to achieve such a quick match. You can change the order one after another. The point is that you play in three zones at once, so your goal is a bit wider than most CCGs. The goal is to win two of the three zones. This keeps things busy and ultimately attractive. ..

We know that the game is free to play, launches on mobile and PC, and is first delivered on mobile.In fact, the first beta version is Android-only and already Sign up for access.. Android users residing in the United States, Canada, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, or New Zealand are eligible to throw their hats into the ring to participate in the first beta.

Marvel Snap Gameplay (1)

Marvel Snap Gameplay (2)

So you have it. A new trading card game developed by a former Hearthstone leader is coming to mobile. This is a Marvel game to launch. So far, there is no release date, but the game will land later this year. So, if you want to know how this fast-paced card battle is formed, sign up for Beta Access. Marvel website..

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