How to use the code in Genshin Impact

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You will definitely want to get as much code as possible

Since its launch in late 2020, Genshin Impact has effectively taken over the world of the Internet, especially mobile games. It’s one of the games on the market at just the right time and can become insanely popular almost overnight. A large open world RPG adventure and its free play model will certainly help the entire package. It’s definitely an outstanding game, with an amazing amount of content, an exciting story, and an impressive roster of characters.

In Genshin Impact, chords are an optional game mechanic because you can play one chord without redeeming it throughout the adventure. Many of these codes give slightly smaller rewards individually. However, in the long run, it’s perfect for both new players and professionals, especially if you’ve got something that provides the Primogem you need for all your end-game content. If you finally want to redeem some code in Genshin Impact, the guide below will explain.

Where is the Genshin Impact code?

Like other games where you can apply the code in exchange for some rewards, you won’t actually find the code while playing. Instead, you can use a dedicated website to track these codes and make your work easier.You can do a simple google search Genshin Impact Redemption Code List To find multiple examples. Frequent visits to these sites for updated code are always helpful in maximizing your reward potential.

Will these codes expire?

Yes — All Genshin Impact codes have an expiration date. Use as much code as you can before it’s too late. Of course, most of them stick for a while, so you have plenty of time to redeem them if needed. Special limited-time codes are also available for live streams of new game content. As you can imagine, these particular codes expire faster than regular codes, so don’t miss it.

How to use the code in the game

You must have an Adventure Rank of 10 or higher before you can use your code with your Genshin Impact account. please do not worry. If you are new to the game, it will not take long to reach Adventure Rank 10. Follow the story of the main quest and complete 4 commission quests each day to get there immediately. Once you reach Adventure Rank 10, you can use the code by following these steps:

  • Release Genshin Impact Log in to your account as usual..
  • Open the game menu and go to Setting..
    • On mobile, you need to tap the Paimon icon Upper left corner Open the game menu.
  • From there, accountRedeem code.. genshin-impact-in-game-code-1
  • Tap Replace nowThen enter or paste the code.
  • hit Exchange Click the button to apply the code to your Genshin Impact account. genshin-impact-in-game-code-2
  • You should see It was used normally A message when the code works correctly.
  • After that, you can now claim new rewards from your in-game mailbox. genshin-impact-in-game-code-3
  • How to use the code through a web browser

  • See the official Genshin Impact Gift exchange page With your favorite web browser.
  • click Login In the upper right, sign in with your Genshin Impact account credentials.
    • Or you can click Log in and use Sign in with your account in the same way. genshin-impact-login-website-code
  • under server In the dropdown, select the server where your account is hosted.
  • Choosing the right server, Character nickname The correct name is automatically entered in the box.
  • You can now enter or paste the code Redemption code section. genshin-impact-redeem-1
  • hit redemption Click the button to apply the code to your Genshin Impact account.
  • You should see It was used normally Message when the code works correctly.
  • After that, you can now claim new rewards from your in-game mailbox. genshin-impact-in-game-code-3

  • Let’s play

    Now that we know the code contained in Genshin Impact and why they are useful for adventure, it’s time to apply as much code as possible. You’ll need a lot of Primogem to roll new characters, get special weapons, and create stats for all main party members. Remember to save and plan ahead when stacking code, as you’ll get hundreds of Primogems as maintenance rewards for every major game update.

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