How to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Home

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Here’s how to find a new home for your favorite Pokemon

Pokemon GO Home Special

It’s difficult to throw away the low CP and 1 star Pokemon you caught in the early days of playing Pokemon GO.Unfortunately, Pokemon GO is on an ongoing basis Receive updates to add more Pokemon, This competes with the game’s limited Pokemon storage capacity. In essence, Niantic makes it difficult to live in the spirit of “must catch everything.”Fortunately for us, there is another way to save our adorable creatures, so instead of saying goodbye forever, we can transfer Pokemon to. Pokemon HOME..

Today’s guide will show you how to get started with Pokemon HOME, how to link Pokemon HOME to Pokemon GO, and the process of transferring Pokemon from GO to HOME. New Pokemon GO players looking for additional help can refer to the beginner’s guide.

Install the Pokémon HOME app

  • To install Pokemon HOME app From the Google Play Store (see the widget at the end of this section for download links).
  • Launch Pokemon HOME and tap to launch the app.New users need to follow Introduction procedure Before moving It is highly recommended to link your existing Nintendo Account When prompted; If you skip this step, you will not be able to sync / transfer between other games or Nintendo apps. Pokemon-HOME_app-1 Pokemon HOME_tap screen
  • Now you are ready to start using Pokémon HOME. You can exchange Pokemon, customize the room, and view the Pokemon stored in HOME. Pokemon HOME_home Pokemon HOME_home2
  • Launch the Pokemon GO app and tap the Pokeball icon (located at the bottom center).
  • Tap SettingThen scroll to the bottom and tap Pokemon HOME.. Pokemon GO_Settings Pokemon GO_HOME account
  • Next, sign in with the Nintendo Account linked in Pokemon HOME. This completes the linking process.
  • How to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokemon HOME

  • Launch the Pokemon GO app and tap the Pokeball.
  • Tap SettingThen scroll and tap Pokemon HOME. Forwarding GO_HOME_1 Forwarding GO_HOME_2
  • Tap Send pokemon.. To limit the number of Pokemon that can sit and move, you need to follow the energy mechanism “GO Transporter Energy”.Tap to continue continue.. Forwarding GO_HOME_3 Transfer of GO_HOME_4
  • Find and tap the Pokemon you want to transfer. If you have enough energy, you can select multiple Pokemon. The selected Pokemon will always be highlighted.Tap Next continue.
  • Tap Transport to send Pokemon to Pokemon HOME. You may receive Pokemon candies and a mystery box during the transfer.Tap have understood >> >> end It’s over. Transfer of GO_HOME_7 Transfer of GO_HOME_8
  • Then launch the Pokémon HOME app.When you see the message that Pokemon has been transferred from GO, tap yes..
  • [オプション]You will be redirected to the menu. Pokemon GO link,Tap receive.. Transfer of GO_HOME_9 Transfer of GO_HOME_10
  • Tap View the transferred Pokemon >> >> Receive Pokemon.. The message pop-up indicates that you have successfully received a Pokemon from Pokemon GO. Congratulations, your Pokemon is in one of your boxes at Pokemon HOME. Tap Pokemon to view statistics, moves, and trainer notes. Note: One-way transfer to Pokemon HOME. Once you leave Pokemon GO, you cannot return to the app. The Pokémon HOME app also offers a subscription, but with 30 slots available, it’s also available for free with limited capacity. Transfer of GO_HOME_11 Transfer GO_HOME_12
  • Welcome your Pokemon in their new home

    Now that you understand how to access Pokemon HOME and learn how the transfer process works, managing your Pokemon storage space shouldn’t be an issue. Why say goodbye to our favorites forever when we can offer a new home with another app? Also, if you’re new to Pokémon GO or are just getting started, check out our Beginner’s Guide for tips and tricks to help you.

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