Google spotlights the notable "Look to Speak" app by driving Oscar ads

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Two years ago, Google helped people who may feel isolated from the world due to incapacity such as paralysis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) to communicate in a relatively normal way. We have released a great Android app to do. The app, called Look to Speak, uses the front camera of the phone to track the user’s eyes as the user moves from left to right, select from a list of words and phrases, and read aloud. .. On Sunday night, Google posted a moving ad for Look to Speak at the 2022 Academy Awards.

The one-minute ad is impressive from the first frame and features multiple movie close-ups in the individual eye. Finally, we’ll end with an introduction to an app used by a woman who can’t speak, and show you how to look at on-screen phrases for communication.

LooktoSpeak was created by Google Creative Lab and received a major update at the end of last year, so it works in more languages ​​than just English. It works on mobile phones running Android 9 or later and is available from the Play Store below.

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