Google Keep may soon be able to format the text, much like a proper note-taking app.

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Finally you will be able to use bold and italic text


Google is known for keeping things simple in its app, and that’s exactly what makes them so terrible. Available- For example, Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world, even though it’s not very feature-rich. However, while it is clear that this formula works often enough, there is a problem in other cases. In the case of Google Keep, even though the app has been released for almost 10 years, it lacked something basic like text format. Almost all other competitors offer the same. But as the new report shows, it’s set to change really quickly.

9to5GoogleThe Google Keep version’s APK decomposition reveals some strings that point to the task of switching between bold, italic, and underline formatting. These strings are combined with corresponding icons that are very similar to those used in some of Google’s Workspace apps (documents, slides, spreadsheets).

  • Bold
  • italic
  • Underline


These new icons hide behind a drop-down menu that pops up when you press and hold text, unlike chat apps like WhatsApp that don’t have access to format options, and Google Keep has a dedicated bar / menu that houses the format controls. Indicates that it is likely to be displayed. In addition, according to 9to5Google, the new controls are switchable and you will be able to clear the format with the tap of a button.

Overall, this new addition is welcome and will help you organize your text. You can use bold to emphasize specific words in italics and underline the title to emphasize important parts. Even if you install the latest Google Keep update, text formatting is likely to be in its infancy and is not enabled at this time.

Thank you: Nick

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