Electronic Arts is working on a Lord of the Rings game and it makes a terrible sound

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You guessed correctly, it’s free to play, and you’ll collect LoTR characters

Road of the Ring Hero of Middle-earth Sad Announcement Hero

This time, Electronic Arts will introduce a new Lord of the Rings game on Android. Lord of the Rings: Called the Hero of Middle-earth, EA is affiliated with Middle-earth Enterprises, not Warner Bros., so it is set in Tolkien’s literary world (not to be confused with the movie world of Warner Bros.). .. (NetEase Lord of the Rings: as it did in the war). The game provides collectable characters and will be in regional beta this summer. Currently, Capital Games is working on it. Capital Games is the same developer behind Pay Two Win’s Cash Grab Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

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Today’s announcement of The Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth heroes are so fresh that there is little to go beyond what EA has detailed. With that PR.. The game is free to play and includes collectable characters while providing a strategic and socially competitive experience. the same as Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes). Expected to be turn-based RPG gameplay, players will fight the familiar story told in Tolkien’s book.

The last thing mobile needs is understatement. yet another You can play LoTR games for free. At least it’s not an F2P gacha game, but it does. I think EA, among all the companies, has the money to create great games for mobile, but the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and their Poor player reviews EA is more interested in lazy brand cash grabs than actually offering valuable video games for portable play. This is a sad reflection of what AAA thinks about mobile and its user base.

Road of the Rings: I haven’t seen footage from Middle-earth heroes yet, but today’s announcement is because all warning signs are clearly detailed, including aspects of the collection associated with social. Not worth the excitement. The gameplay is organized in an F2P package. Sounds like the same P2W clad you’ve seen thousands of times. I’d like EA to prove that I’m wrong, but it’s very unlikely and unfortunate. After all, why hit expensive and popular brands in games unless you’re willing to get your money back?

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