Dragon Quest Builder Appears on Android as a Surprise Release

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Square Enix seems to have managed to start over. The developer has released yet another faulty port on mobile. This time it is for Dragon Quest Builder. A surprise release released to commemorate the 36th anniversary of Dragon Quest, despite the high asking price of $ 21.99 (by the way, now a 20% discount), controller support has been removed and DLC has been added. Yeah, you can’t even get the whole game for $ 21.99. If you want to unlock the new freeplay build mode for mobile releases only, you’ll have to spend more money. Hey, thank you, Square Enix.

Although you can’t find a mobile launch trailer List of new Google Play stores, The video above shows the game’s touch controls and graphics, so it’s still worth watching. If you’re new to Dragon Quest Builders, it’s a story-based construction game like Minecraft, voxels, and more. The linear design is stage-based, building settlements to clean up lands in specific locations and mix large amounts of craft. It’s a solid game that’s fun to play, especially if you enjoy titles like Minecraft on mobile. There are many requests for ports.

Dragon Quest Builder screen (1)

First, the $ 21.99 asking price is too high, even considering that it includes a 20% discount. This gets worse when you see additional DLC added to the title. Sure, this DLC is at least new to the game, with the addition of a free build mode in some cosmetics. All DLC is available for $ 5.99, but the total price of the game and its DLC is $ 26.99. By comparison, 2016 games are still priced on Nintendo Switch ($ 49.99), And PS4 ($ 59.99). So while mobile release is the cheapest option, even if it’s expensive, Square is a good place to remove controller support, so you’ll need to use the new touch control.

Thankfully, the touch control is ok. They aren’t great, but they’re certainly enough to use the tools in this game. Dragon Quest Builders can be played at a slow pace and combat is relatively easy. Still, removing the features that the game was built on, such as controller support, is incredibly short-sighted.

Dragon Quest Builder screen (4)

In terms of performance, ROG 5 can reach 60 FPS and the graphics are high, but frame drops are common. This means that medium or low settings are more viable on most devices. Other than these three options, the game has no other graphic settings.

Dragon Quest Builder screen (3)

Dragon Quest Builder screen (2)

So Square Enix still seems comfortable to release sloppy ports of old games on mobile at a high price. In addition to the company’s horrifying track record on mobile, games often break for months, and the $ 21.99 asking price is certainly quite unpleasant. What’s really terrible is that Dragon Quest Builder is otherwise a great game and great for playing on tablets and Chromebooks, but without controller support, the only thing you can play without the touch controls spreading unpleasantly across the screen. The method is telephone. It’s sad to see such a slap dash approach to mobile releases more or less. That’s exactly why Dragon Quest Builder is a dangerous investment.

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