Cross-world global release has started

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Earlier this month, I learned that Netmarble will offer Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds to more viewers on May 25th. Well, that’s today, and as promised, the MMORPG’s global server is up and running. Being a collection-based autoplay gacha game, it earned $ 100 million in the first 11 days and proved to be very popular in the east (Japan contributes to the biggest chunks). ). At the very least, Studio Ghibli’s art direction and audio design should appeal to animation studio fans, as they don’t claim that the presentation is appropriate.

The trailer above briefly introduces the operation of Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. As you can see, the graphics are nice thanks to the production of Studio Ghibli. Add music by composer Joe Hisaishi above to get a highly sophisticated mobile release. With great men like Genshin Impact. Of course, gameplay will ultimately make or break this title. So far, this looks like a standard mobile MMORPG that provides mandatory gender (although the look can be customized). It focuses on gacha mechanics and describes the $ 100 million earned during the game’s launch in Asia last year.

Ni no Kuni: Cross-world looks great, but the graphics options are limited. The stock frame rate setting is set to 30FPS and you can jump to 50FPS in the setting, but the Very High graphics option will not maintain stability and performance will fail a bit. At least you can dial the settings to get the best performance on your device, but it’s strange that the game can’t even reach 60 FPS. Cross-play is supported on Android, iOS, PC, Currently in beta PC version.. There is no controller support. This is a game designed to be played with touch screen controls.

When it comes to gameplay, Ni no Kuni: Crossworld is an action RPG with options to automate everything, but you can choose from several movements, all including timers, to control your character during each battle. Collect adorable creatures and build a team for auxiliary attacks. This is where the gacha mechanic comes in. There is a forced tutorial that quickly runs out of welcome. Of course, this hides all revenue from the player until it’s complete. .. Autoplay is introduced early, so all you need to do is tap the endless dialog of the game. This is as dull as possible in the game. Many of the first quests look like nonsensical fetch quests, so instead of playing the game, watch the game and perform the motion as instructed. I think this is a good thing.

Ni no Kuni Cross World Releases Monetization

Ni no Kuni Cross World Release Monetization (1)

As expected, the game is free to play, so you can make in-app purchases of up to $ 99.99 per item, multiple currencies are available, and there are plenty of available bundles that include summon coupons. This is the payment method. Unlock new creatures directly in the game’s gacha system.

Ni no Kuni Cross World Release Screen (1)

Ni no Kuni Cross World Release Screen (2)

That’s why Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds’ presentation is very shiny, but underneath it is known for mobile MMORPGs such as autoplay, greedy monetization, gacha mechanics, constant attacks of alerts and pop-ups, and boredom. I have all the problems. Inquiry. Sure, the game looks good, but it causes poor performance. If the gameplay is a daunting slogan to play itself, the whole thing feels like a busy job and it’s hard to say I’m having fun. Still, if you want to find out for yourself, you can get the installation from the Play Store widget below.

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