Catalyst Black is your next competitive obsession and will be coming next month

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Super Evil Megacorp took advantage of the lack of MOBA on mobile with the release of Vainglory in 2014. The game has had a lot of success thanks to proper pricing and balanced gameplay. Now, the developers are developing a new game called Catalyst Black, which will be available on Android and iOS on May 25th.

The game is built on the same in-house engine as Vainglory, ideally providing competitive play on low-end devices. After all, Catalyst Black is very similar to Vainglory, but this time Super Evil Megacorp has abandoned the MOBA mechanic and instead chose something a bit closer to a top-down competitive shooter.

The trailer for the release date above should be clarified if you want to know how Catalyst Black works. Yes, the game is very similar to Vainglory and has a similar top-down view with colorful graphics. Of course, this isn’t a MOBA, so there are no lanes or towers. Also, there are no in-game upgrades. Catalyst Black is a head-to-toe shooter with a healthy competitive edge, but there is also a PvE mode for those who like character upgrades and customization with a group of friends.

Player customization is at the forefront of Catalyst Black, and the term theory-making is often used by developers.there will be Over 30 guns Available at launch, over 12 years old ability15 years old and over JeweleryAnd 6 Primal.. The cool thing is that you can choose primal. This is a form that can be transitioned to deal maximum damage when the battle gets hot. Basically, you can create your own player with different options. This ideally facilitates the theory development, as the two builds should not be similar (at least up to the metaform).

Beyond the many build options, you can play on your touchscreen or physical controller, and your game’s flexibility remains with that control. The developers claim that top players can compete with either control set. This sounds promising. This seems to be a common theme throughout the game. Fair play regardless of the player’s level or control choices.

Of course, the game is free to play and there are ways to pay to speed up progress, but new characters should be able to compete with leveled characters, so paying to progress faster is just a handy feature.

Release date announcement screen of Catalyst Black (2)

Release date announcement screen of Catalyst Black (1)

Vainglory developers will now start follow-up on May 25th. This is within a month. It’s still unclear how fans will receive Catalyst Black, but if you enjoy Vainglory’s competitive play, you’ll probably get a kick from Catalyst Black.Pre-registration starts today and you can sign up Game website Not just the Play Store.

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