Catalyst Black is a sophisticated and competitive shooter for the team behind Vainglory.

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Super Evil Megacorp has been working on Vainglory’s follow-up for some time. Known as Catalyst Black, Super Evil Megacorp has taken many of the lessons learned from Vainglory to create something new and addictive. MOBA’s popular tower, lane, and mid-level upgrades are gone, replaced by fast-paced, real-time multiplayer shooter action, offering something very close to a typical hero shooter, all within Super Evil Megacorp’s in-house engine. Will be brought. A fresh game to the table that works well on any device. So if you want to start a game that can skyrocket in popularity early, today is the day.

You can see the launch preview of Catalyst Black above. As you can see, both games are built using the same in-house engine, so the general design provides something close to Vainglory. Unlike Vainglory, Catalyst Black is not a MOBA. It’s the more hero shooters that provide the familiar top-down view. You will choose your hero and primal (a powerful form you can change for the greatest devastation), and it will be off to the race.

Because Catalyst Black is built around online multiplayer, you can quickly join your friends in the match, making the game extremely accessible. If you meet a friend in a match, you can join them and help them, as long as the match isn’t long. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can easily take part in active matches or start your own. The hop-in and hop-out gameplay is very noteworthy. Super Evil Megacorp has done a great job with the multiplayer design of games.

Catalyst Black release screen (1)

Matches provide what you expect from a shooter. You run and reach your goals, and these goals reward your points. There, the team that reaches the point threshold first wins. Of course, between matches, you can upgrade your weapons while upgrading your hero and his primals, and there are plenty of opportunities to complete your build. Balance was clearly a big focus for Super Evil Megacorp. Super Evil Megacorp is definitely leaning towards accessible multiplayer games where beginners and hardcore can be mixed.

This will enable you to monetize Catalyst Black. It’s free to play and in-app purchases of the game range up to $ 99.99 per item. There is a loot box where you can buy the primary currency completely. Super Evil Megacorp admits that there are ways to pay to level up faster, so the game has the opportunity to waste as much money as you like. All items that offer an advantage are available for free, but by design, payments are clearly a quick route. This puts a damper on competitive play, no matter how well balanced the gameplay is.

Catalyst Black release screen (5)

Catalyst Black release screen (3)

Overall, if you’re about to start a new competitive game, but need to polish your AAA console title on mobile, Catalyst Black looks like a great choice. It’s fun to run and bombard the map of the game, especially when unlocking 12v12 mode. So, despite monetizing free-to-play games that are leaning towards paying to win, Catalyst Black has been shaped to be a fun hero shooter for casual play.

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