Buy PS5: Amazon Drop – Sale may be imminent

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It looks like the PS5 will be available for order again on Amazon tomorrow. The Prime indicator, which has been very reliable over the past few months, is visible again.

Update May 3, 2022: There are more and more reports that Amazon has been able to arrange shipments again. The famous Prime notice, which basically indicates an upcoming sale for Prime members, is seen on both the Digital Edition and the Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart bundle.

But be careful: the kit has not been available for a long time. A note about the digital edition also seems to have been displayed since the last sale. However, at least tomorrow it won’t hurt to take a look at Amazon.

Below are the product records:

Update April 27, 2022: The long-awaited Prime notice has reappeared on Amazon, which usually means the PS5 will be on sale again soon – first to Prime subscribers. This time the focus seems to be on the digital edition.

Update 9:30: PS5 Digital Edition is now available!

Update 9:40: Looks like orders are no longer being accepted.

Buy PS5 on Amazon:

Update April 30, 2022: If yesterday’s Prime notice actually heralds a new sale, then you might be able to find what you’re looking for at the shipping giant from 9am today. The vault is said to hold between 10,000 and 20,000 consoles.

Buy PS5 on Amazon:

Update March 29, 2022: It’s been a long time since the PS5 could be ordered on Amazon. But that may change tomorrow. The shipping giant’s product catalog has resurfaced with a Prime notice that usually indicates an upcoming sale. Unless Amazon misleads us again this time, a new sales start should take place tomorrow morning.

But, as the example from last January showed, it is not necessary to put your money on it.

Update February 1, 2022: The link to the Prime sale has now disappeared again, which may indicate that if it is mentioned again, a PS5 sale may be expected again. There is no statement from Amazon about this.

Update January 21, 2022: It looks like the Prime hint no longer hints at a quick sale, or that Amazon is starting to sell fewer PS5s on a regular basis. The product catalog still states, “Prime members have priority access to PlayStation 5.” For the past few months, this has been a solid indicator of the resumption of the mass sale, and it was removed immediately after the promotion.

Buy PS5 on Amazon:

Update January 20, 2022: Little happened yesterday on Amazon, which suggests that a big sales campaign was only scheduled for this Thursday. Today you can find it on Amazon. The Prime notification will still appear.

January 19, 2022 notice: After Christmas, Amazon seems to have become more active again in terms of PS5 sales. After a plethora of consoles sold just before the start of the year, the next sale is imminent today. Once again, the Prime note indicates the beginning of the campaign.

New PS5 release on Amazon

The Prime notice states that Amazon Premium Members are getting priority access to the PS5. In the past few months, a highly anticipated PS5 drop has followed within hours of this notification being activated. In this context, you should take a look at Amazon this morning. We have linked product records below.

Buy PS5 on Amazon:

You can get a month trial with Prime security is here.

The sale usually starts sometime between 8:30 AM and 10:00 AM after the Prime notice. Last time, interested parties had a few minutes to put the PS5 in their shopping cart and complete the purchase.

With the PS5, you can purchase some accessories that are usually easier to get. These include DualSense controllers, including new color optionsand a Pulse 3D headset.

More PS5 products in review:

When the situation in the console market will calm down is still unknown. Due to the lack of semiconductors, Sony does not have time to release PS5. Demand is still out of control, as is planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft shouldn’t change that much.

However, the billions invested by the Redmond-based company could ensure that more gamers (additionally) buy an Xbox. And in the new generation, there are two options: the Xbox Series X, which is also affected by shipping problems, and the cut-down Xbox Series S, which is already kind of slow to sell. On Amazon, you can get them at a bargain price one year after they go to market.

PS5 and Xbox Series X/S were released in November 2020. While Sony releases new sales data regularly, Microsoft has a strategy to keep it to itself. From the looks of it, Xbox Game Pass is increasingly becoming the center of business for the Redmond-based company. Now it has 25 million members. However, it is not clear how many of them subscribe to a full-fledged travel pass.

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