BANDAI NAMCO Announces End Date 6 Months After Tales of Luminaria Launches

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The developer admits that it was “not done enough”

Tales of Luminaria shuts down the hero

Tales of Luminaria BANDAI NAMCO’s Tales series mobile gacha game. It’s said to be a high-quality anime RPG, but in reality it started rough in the West and didn’t really improve. Well, Bandai announced earlier this morning that the game isn’t long for the world and will end in two months. Sorry, typical posts are available on Twitter. Thank you to the players, apologizing for not doing enough. Sadly, the game ends in the middle of the planned story, but the final episode is scheduled for the end of May and the game’s server will be offline on July 19th.

As you can see in the tweet above, Bandai will close Tales of Luminaria on July 19th.If you click through to the website, you We were greeted by the end notice.. All items and PB-Stones (purchasable in-game currency) must be used by the end of July this year, and the in-game currency repurchase feature is already turned off, but suspiciously There is no mention of refunds. Notification of termination.

As of today, all upcoming weekly episodes will be cancelled, but another episode is underway at the end of the month, properly called the Episode Final. Bandai is throwing the idea of ​​providing a digital archive of game assets such as costumes and illustrations, but this seems like a possibility so far and is not official.

Tales of Luminaria was only six months old in the west before Bandai swung his ax. This once again proves that F2P collection-based mobile games have a very poor investment in time and money. When the rug is randomly pulled out of your feet. Still, the game isn’t over yet and will run until July 19th, so if you still have extra currency, start spending before you run out of time.

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