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May 01, 2022 | 19:55 | 0 comments

The Apple Watch Series 7 was rumored to ship with a body temperature sensor last year, but as we all know, that feature never came to fruition. Apple may introduce the sensor later this year for the Series 8, but on one important condition, as analyst Ming-Chi Kuo explains.

Problems with measuring body temperature

In a series of tweets, Kuo explained that Apple originally planned to offer body temperature measurement on the Apple Watch Series 7 models. However, the company shelved plans when the body temperature measurement algorithm it was developing fell short of requirements before the device entered technical testing last year. (EVT).

Kuo believes that body temperature monitoring could be implemented in the future Apple Watch Series 8, provided that “the algorithm can meet Apple’s high requirements for pre-mass production.”

Apple’s problems with measuring body temperature are said to be due to the fact that skin temperature fluctuates rapidly depending on the environment. Thus, the function is highly dependent on the algorithm providing accurate results.

Kuo adds that Samsung faces similar challenges when it comes to measuring body temperature, noting that the Galaxy Watch 5 may not have a body temperature monitoring feature due to algorithmic limitations.

Both Kuo and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman have previously discussed that the 2022 Apple Watch models will likely offer a body temperature monitoring feature, but rumors about the feature have died down recently. Kuo’s comments today at least suggest that Apple is still working on an early implementation.

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