ApexLegend Mobile Starter Guide

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If you’re new to Apex Legends Mobile and don’t know where to start, Techvair can help. We’ll introduce you to the legends (characters) of this game, with a guide that teaches players how to survive the first battle royale match, an overview of the features / game modes available at the time of release.

Therefore, if you’re interested in looking at a hands-on review of a stable release and exploring what the latest and greatest battle royale on mobile offers, Apex Legends Mobile is officially available worldwide. Now it’s time to get ready for your first jump.

getting started

After installing the Apex Legends Mobile Android app, there are a few steps you need to take before entering the tutorial. The first step is to confirm your age and agree to the terms of use of the game. After this, you will be able to select your main login method. This way you can sign in with your Google account, EA account, Twitter, Facebook, or sign in as a guest.

Select the default setting. This can be reconfigured at any time. Depending on the comfort and background of the mobile shooter, it is recommended to select “No experience in mobile shooter (automatic launch is enabled)” or “Experience in mobile shooter”. When asked to select a HUD display, you have the choices of “HUD1-Classic Setup” and “HUD2-Apex Style”, choose one according to your preference.



Rookie tutorial

In the tutorial, you’ll work with Mirage to learn the basics of the game, including slides, mountaineering, shooting, and receiving items and teammate banners. At the end of the tutorial, you will be able to register as a legend and select a username.


How to play battle royale: Apex Legends Mobile style

Here are some tips for beginners to survive early matches.

  • Looting is based on luck, but finding the right gun for your playstyle can help you quickly adapt to Apex Legends Mobile. If you prefer a shotgun / close-up showdown, consider trying a Peacemaker. You can test your weapon at any time within your practice range. This is definitely recommended.
  • Always get rare items for upgrades. White is common, blue is rare, purple is epic, and gold is legendary. It is important to remember these colors.
  • Turn on automatic pickup to plunder more quickly. You can organize your bags when it’s safe. Apex-automatic pickup
  • It’s always on the move, so you won’t get trapped outside the ring that keeps invading. If you’re playing as a legend that can speed you up, don’t be afraid to pop the ability to get back on track.
  • Use the ping system to let your team know where you want to go and the loot you find. Communication is essential as this is still a team-based shooter.
  • Shields are your best friend, don’t forget to replenish your shields outside the battle. Shields are important for surviving encounters. Apex Shield
  • Use the finisher to finish your opponent. Eliminating the enemy will bring them down and you will need to use the finisher to complete the job. Apex finisher
  • Use a sliding mechanic to improve mobility. Combine jumps and slides to move even faster.
  • Don’t hesitate to try new legends. You will get the most fun from playing the legends you like. All legends have that expertise and unlock even more as you play. If you’re new to Apex, it’s a good idea to start with an aggressive legend focused on combat and then move on to a heavy legend focused on utilities. Apex Legends
  • Unlock more perks and power up your legend. Benefits can be unlocked by playing as a specific legend in a match.
  • The legend has different hitboxes (large, medium, small), so the larger the legend’s hitbox, the easier it is to register shots. Gibraltar, Pathfinder, and Caustic Alkaline all have the largest hitboxes. The game is balanced around the hitbox, so use your ability to avoid being targeted.

Learn your legend (character)

Each legend offers a unique backstory and personality that is part of the Apex lore that exists in the Titanfall universe. All legends have a set of abilities that can help you gain an advantage while playing. The choice of legend depends on your playstyle preferences and who unlocked it.

Tap to see the legends available in the game Legend On the main screen, tap detail..


An attack class specializing in tactical combat, giving you an edge in combat. She can sprint while firing for a short time (passive ability). She can also fire smoke launchers to block the view of her area (her abilities). Her ultimate is the Rolling Thunder, which fires flares to call for artillery, damaging the field, slowing visibility and haze.



A reconnaissance class specializing in tracking and learning the whereabouts of enemies. He can discover tracks that show the location and time of enemy action (passive abilities). His abilities reveal enemies, traps and clues through structures. His ultimate speeds up movement and emphasizes nearby enemy trucks. Since he is classified as a reconnaissance legend, he can scan the investigation beacon to reveal the next location in the ring.



A defense class that specializes in poisonous gas for reconnaissance and capture of enemies. His passive allows him to see enemies in his gas. His ability drops six NoxGas canisters that can be shot / triggered by enemies. When the gas diffuses, it slows down and damages nearby enemies. His ultimate Nox Gas, Grenade, fills the area of ​​Nox Gas and slows down and damages enemies found inside. Classified as a defensive legend, he reduces incoming damage by 15% and gains access to enhanced passives that are unaffected by bullet slowdowns.



An aggressive class specializing in dimensional operations. His passive gives you a short movement speed boost after sliding. His ability uses voids to teleport to previous positions. His ultimate phase chamber sends all the legends in range to Void. Note: He is exclusive to Apex Legends Mobile and cannot be found in core console / PC games.



A defense class that specializes in creating shields against tank damage. When he aims, his passive shields the upper body. His ability creates a shield that blocks damage that would enter if you were inside. His ultimate defensive artillery strikes where it causes damage and stuns. Classified as a defensive legend, he reduces incoming damage by 15% and gains access to enhanced passives that are unaffected by bullet slowdowns.


life line

A support class that specializes in healing and supporting teammates. She can send DOC to provide a shield and revive her teammates (passive ability). Her ability sends a drone to heal nearby teammates, but if she is damaged while her ability is active, her healing will be interrupted. Her ultimate care package calls nearby pods with higher level equipment.



An aggressive class specializing in deceiving enemies using holography. He automatically cloaks when manipulating the respawn beacon and when trying to revive his teammates. While knocked down, he releases the decoy and disappears (passive ability). His ability develops decoys. Reactivating his abilities, the decoy imitates his movements. His ultimate Life of the Party sends multiple copies that mimic his movements, but the actual Mirage remains invisible and moves faster.



An aggressive class that specializes in mobility. His passive regenerates health over time when undamaged. His ability temporarily increases movement speed at the expense of health. His ultimate jump pad summons a device that anyone can double jump in the air. Note: When you start playing, he will be unlocked for free.



A reconnaissance class that specializes in moving maps quickly using the environment. His passive scan scans the investigation beacon to reveal where the next ring will be placed, and his scan shortens the cooldown of his ultimate. His ability is to send out hooks for latching on the surface — allowing you to zipline from one place to another. His ultimate zipline gun creates a team-wide zipline. Since he is classified as a reconnaissance legend, he can scan the investigation beacon to reveal the next location in the ring.



An aggressive class dedicated to the use of dimensional manipulations to enable flanking maneuvers. Her passive warns of danger when she is found and targeted near a trap. Her abilities allow her to enter the void and move quickly without being damaged. Her ultimate Dimensional Rift allows teams to move from one location to another once they enter the portal.


How to unlock more legends

Unlock more legends by playing any game mode to gain experience points. You can earn more XP by opening crates, completing dailies, and working well in matches (such as increasing kills).

Features and game modes

You can control your opponents by selecting Camera, First Person Perspective (FPP), and Third Person Perspective (TPP). Players who select FPP will only match other FPP players, but TPP players will use TPP to match other players. The FPP provides a traditional Apex experience, but if you want a flexible playstyle and are already familiar with third person views, there is a TPP. Playing as a third person gives you a wider field of view than a first person.


The modes you can play are Battle Royale Mode, Ranking, Team Deathmatch (3v3), Tutorials, Free Practices, and Limited Time Modes (Events).Tap the tab on the left to select a new game mode play button.


The game also features a compelling in-game cosmetic and rewarding Battle Pass (free and premium). New missions are unlocked weekly. You can also claim loot by completing daily and seasonal missions, leaving many challenges to tackle during the match.



Future outlook for Apex Legends Mobile

Checking the mobile interpretation of popular games that offer the same feature set on mobile has always been a promising start. Directporting was difficult due to the limited performance of mobile devices as Apex Legends is considered a free-to-play AAA game. That’s why standalone mobile releases are so amazing. Of course, if you want to see how the game works, you’re recording the gameplay for hands-on. And to be the champion of Apex Legends Mobile, you need to get off to a good start. Therefore, the following apps include the Play Store widget.

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