Apex Legends Mobile is here, warts and everything

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We knew that Apex Legends would be mobilized after April 2021. The release date was finally revealed last week, May 17th. Well, that’s today, and so the game is officially available. It took a while, but now that Apex Legends Mobile is here, it’s time to see exactly how mobile products work with console and PC peers.

The launch trailer above gives you a quick glimpse into how Apex Legends Mobile works. Also, because the mobile version exists on its own base, it offers unique content, events and characters, including a new playable character named Fade. This means that the mobile version of multiplayer only works on Android and iOS, so there is no cross-play with consoles or PCs. Bots are meant to reduce wait times (although bots are obvious and will walk to you soon). So far, the balance between the bot and the actual player seems to be fine. Especially if you’re just learning rope, mobile games are as complex as core titles on PCs and consoles, with buttons across the screen and UI mess.

Apex Legends Mobile Control

Apex Legends mobile controller

Apex Legends isn’t known for its ease of use, so this takes me to control. Of all the battle royale games out there, Apex Legends is for hardcore, the exact timing and proper use of weapons and skills is a hard-to-find balance, forcing you with small text and touch controls. Increasingly the thumb to cover that text, things are more complicated and the spacing between the buttons is terrible. To make matters worse, the game shows that the settings support physical controllers, but Bluetooth or USB-C, nada doesn’t work with Android-specific controllers (only Xbox and PlayStation controllers are supported). There is a report that).

Apex Legends Mobile Gun

Now, as far as graphics are concerned, the environment will display fine with a slightly popped-in default setting and can be raised to ExtremeHD (Smooth, Normal, HD, UltraHD, ExtremeHD range). You can choose from several different frame rate settings, but my ROG 5 has an upper limit of 60 FPS. All game menus are limited to 30 FPS, which helps save battery power.

Apex Legends Mobile Graphics

Sadly, my experience is off to a rough start. Not only was the tutorial too long, but some bugs occurred. After installing the title for the first time this morning, I loaded it onto a landless map and died, and I was unable to participate in a new match for 45 seconds. After that, the game glitched and switched to Chinese. This is because it was thrown back to repeat the tutorial that was just completed. Then I reinstalled the game from the beginning, restored the English settings and jumped into the match. After that, I couldn’t pick up one weapon in the match and wasn’t damaged when shot. When he got stuck on the ground and got stuck, he eventually died from the ring.

This wasn’t an experience for some of my fellow writers at AP, but things went well, but I have to say that this afflicted me with the game rather than the complex touch controls. I don’t get it. Therefore, keep in mind that your experience may not be as sophisticated as you would expect from a stable global release.

Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay (1)

Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay (2)

Still, if you have the courage to face some bugs and want to decide for yourself, you can get the Apex Legends Mobile installation from the Play Store widget below. Oh, and if you’re interested in some deeper ideas that explore the game completely, expect practical coverage right away. Until then, enjoy the forced tutorial while understanding the controls.

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