Apex Legends Hands-on: Terrible Control, Fun Gameplay

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Now that Apex Legends Mobile is officially available on Android, let’s dive into the details to see how this mobile interpretation stacks up. This is exactly what I recorded a 30 minute gameplay video to explain my experience, while at the same time detailing today’s hands-on mechanics and features so that everyone can understand what mobile games offer. That’s why. As it stands, Tencent’s Lightspeed & Quantum Studios have cut down on that task and needed to rethink Respawn Entertainment’s rigorous and sophisticated Battle Royale as a mobile release from scratch. Now let’s dig deeper and see how well things are stacked on the original.


Just above you can watch the gameplay video of Apex Legends Mobile. This video shows the game settings, monetization, and of course gameplay. This takes about 30 minutes and is recorded at 1080p60FPS on ROG 5 using the default UltraHD graphics settings (paired with Ultra in individual frame rate settings).

ROG 5’s performance is fairly stable and the phone gets warmer, but frame drops are less common and stable with the above settings.

Apex Legends Mobile stops by

Of course, Apex Legends Mobile is a mobile adaptation of console and PC battle royale, created from scratch by Lightspeed & Quantum Studios (IE, Tencent). This is the same studio behind PUBG Mobile and has many similarities. Not only are they both games within the same battle royale genre, but both provide a similar cluttered UI that is often part of a mobile shooter. Still, Apex Legends Mobile is more than just a skin layered on top of PUBG, with gameplay familiar to all original fans. In short, Apex Legends Mobile is as complex as console / PC games and may or may not appeal to potential fans.

In most cases, gameplay is centered around battle royale play, and when you reach level 8, the ranked match begins. There are also some additional multiplayer modes such as BaseRespawn and Arenas. There is also a practice mode for those who can take part in the tutorial at any time and need to understand the weapons and general controls of the game (highly recommended if you are playing for the first time).

Apex Legends Mobile Your turn

Note that Apex Legends Mobile is a standalone release separate from the core game, so there is no cross-play with consoles or PCs, mobile players will continue to play between Android and iOS, and the number of players will be limited. please. Therefore, a bot that facilitates quick matching.

The initial launch was a bit rough and had a lot of bugs, but it seems that the situation has leveled out in the last 24 hours as the match has started smoothly. Therefore, a server-side issue on the release date may have made the impression that the game works as expected. This is great.

More or less from a gameplay and performance standpoint, Apex Legends Mobile is a genuine, fully acceptable replica.



Control is where things go wrong. Touch controls aren’t great. Anyone who has played Apex Legends on a PC or console knows that the game is a bit complicated, situational awareness (and a lot of memorization) is important, and you can quickly find pickups and enemies. In the Respawn version, the controls that develop over time are fluid, but even if you’re familiar with the game, this all goes out of the window, with 15 buttons spread out on a small screen. Half is covered by hand. Hold your phone. This is a game originally designed around jerking shooting, and touch controls do little gameplay justice.

Apex Legends Mobile Control (1)

Sure, the one used to touch the controls probably won’t have a lot of frustration, and you can even choose from several default layouts, one familiar to mobile battle royale players. There should be, and the other tweaks things to add some Apex Legends-specific add buttons. You can also customize these layouts to your heart’s content. This is because by default many of the more important buttons are placed too close together (shoot, couch, jump, etc.).

Apex-Legends-Mobile-conrols-(2) -1

Apex Legends Mobile Control (3)

Thankfully, Lightspeed & Quantum Studios includes controller support, but so far it’s not fully implemented. First, you can’t use the controller. Despite the native HID support built into Android, only Xbox and PlayStation controllers are supported and only work with Bluetooth, not USB. So even if you own an Android-enabled controller like the Razer Kishi. What do you think it doesn’t work? In addition, if you own an Xbox or PlayStation controller, they only work with matches, so you need to keep touching the screen in all menus. Sure, leaving an Xbox controller will greatly improve the play of your match, but this means that without a controller it will be difficult to play competitively.

Apex Legends Mobile Control (4)

But this is the problem. The Bluetooth controller creates latency, which is especially noticeable on Apex Legends Mobile.I was using the latest one Xbox wireless controller, And you can often see me swinging the gun violently in gameplay. I’ve also tested it on Xbox One and PlayStation 3 controllers, thanks to the delay caused by the Bluetooth connection, so that’s not good. This is disappointing as it removes the latency inherent in bluetooth, so the game would be much better if you could connect the controller via USB.

I’m not sure why Lightspeed & Quantum Studios has excluded USB controller support and Android native HID support, but unfortunately it also has limited play on the controller, which is inferior to play on consoles and PCs. I still use one because the physics controller connected via bluetooth is better than the touchscreen control, but I don’t say the control status of Apex Legends Mobile is great. It is certainly so.


Apex Legends Mobile looks great

As far as graphics are concerned, it’s quite suitable for mobile games. This title is based on Unreal Engine 4, and definitely looks like that. What’s great is that there are lots of graphical settings to tweak to dial performance and the general look of the game. You can also adjust the field of view of the game’s third-person and first-person views. In addition, you can turn on Bloom, turn off Glass, and scale your UI with five graphical defaults from Smooth to Extreme HD. You can also adjust the importance of the frame rate. As an option, you can use adaptive smoothing and dynamic shadows to keep things running well, even if you make a fuss with the best possible settings.

Yes, the game is demanding, and with higher graphics settings, the device gets hot. This is unavoidable without active cooling, but at least Lightspeed & Quantum Studios has been plagued by offering as many graphical options as possible so that everyone can choose the one that best suits their tastes and device needs. Was there.

Apex Legends mobile graphics are amazing

As an example of how I enjoy graphics, PC games turned out to be a frustration lesson at maximum settings because I don’t know who is shooting you or who is shooting you. This is my main complaint on PC, and on mobile, even a small screen doesn’t matter. Perhaps this is due to the highlights of the enemy, boy, am I enjoying more mobile execution and artillery rather than always being forced to camp? Perhaps bots are very early in the game to make a difference, but at least in my opinion, it’s better to see what you’re shooting on a small screen than the original. It’s an excellent feature. Hard-core players may disagree, but it certainly makes the game feel much more welcome to beginners.


Apex Legends Mobile path

Apex Legends mobile currency

Like all free battle royale, Apex Legends Mobile has many ways to spend money. Mainly used for skins, banners, emotes, etc., but there are also Battle Passes that include free levels. You can also pay a chance to earn better rewards by signing up for Premium Pass or Premium Pass Plus (yes, there are two classes in your BP subscription). This is a familiar setup that relies heavily on FOMO and I’m not a fan, but at least it doesn’t ruin gameplay with paid items.

The Premium Pass runs in the in-game currency 799 and the Premium Pass Plus is 1599. Converted to a coin pack, this is worth $ 9.99 for 935 coins and $ 24.99 for 2340 coins, creating a situation where people intentionally get lost. None of the in-game currency pricing is comparable to the cost of the item, though they are spending it. This is a common and sneaky tactic you would expect from almost any F2P Electronic Arts game, especially one developed by Tencent.

Final idea

For me, Apex Legends Mobile provides a good time, at least for quick matches during my downtime. If you really want to sit down in a session, you still play on your PC, but Apex Legends Mobile is good enough to play on the go. Yes, control is tedious. Lightspeed & Quantum Studios should have done a better job of refining on-screen control and controller support before its release. Still, it’s not surprising that improper control in mobile shooters isn’t new. I am confident that the situation will improve over time.

Apex Legends mobile gameplay

Apex-Legends-Mobile-gameplay-(1) -1

Overall, the first impression of Apex Legends Mobile wasn’t very good thanks to a lot of bugs, but today things are leveled and there’s enough fun to enjoy what’s worth the download. .. So if you’re a regular Apex Legends player trying to open a store in your spare time, or just want to explore the latest and most famous Battle Royale and land on mobile, it’s actually harmless to look at. Apex Legends Mobile isn’t a replacement for the console or PC version, but it’s a fun title to screw in when you’re away from the main game settings.

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