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I’ve been a fan of handheld games since I first tasted Tetris with the original Game Boy in 1989. Now I spend my days writing about the best Android games, but I still have a lot of love for a wide range of people. A range of classic titles that span handhelds like Lynx, Game Gear, and of course Game Boy. This obsession has resulted in an extensive collection of modified Game Boys in my endless search for perfect portability. So when Analogue announced Pocket in 2019, I knew I needed it. This turned out to be a well-known company for recreating using the classic console. FPGA Hardware emulation.

I didn’t join the first group of Analogue Pocket pre-orders, but I was able to join the second group. I recently received an Analogue Pocket so I could hardly put it. The $ 220 asking price sounds high, but in the area of ​​modified handhelds, this is a bargain.

Analogue Pocket is an FPGA hardware emulation device that mimics the classic portable console to play physical games such as Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Gear, Atari Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket, and Turbo Grafx-16.


  • power supply: USB-C
  • brand: analog
  • screen: 3.5 inch 1600x1440LCD (Gorilla Glass)
  • Game support: Game Boy, Game Boy Coro, Game Boy Advance, Game Gear, Atari Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket, TurboGrafx-16

Strong Points

  • Solid structure
  • Great screen
  • Comfortable and accurate button


  • Waiting for arrival in heaven
  • Unfinished firmware
  • Physical games are expensive and hard to find

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Analogue Pocket stands in front

Build and feel

Analogue Pocket holding hands

The Analogue Pocket is made of sturdy plastic and has a (mostly floating) glass screen on top of the plastic casing for a stylish, modern look. Minimal describes the overall aesthetic with four face buttons (two concave on the top and two convex on the bottom) and a cross key with ample wiggle room (similar to a traditional Game Boy model). This is a suitable method for. You can display the system menu at any time by inserting an analog button between the start / select buttons at the bottom center.

Left power button cart wm analog pocket hands


On the left side, below the left speaker, there is a power button and a volume button (pressing them together will mute the audio). This power button can be used to put the game to sleep by tapping it. This is a handy feature that allows you to pause a physical game wherever you like. The only caveat to this feature is that it doesn’t work in Flash Cart (thanks for how to launch the menu before launching the game). And on the right side is the micro SD slot under the right speaker.There is also a headphone jack at the bottom, with a USB-C charging port Link cable A port for all Pokemon trading and multiplayer needs.

The back of the pocket features a wavy design to add the grip you need. You might think that the Analogue Pocket is close to the size of the Game Boy Pocket, but it’s actually close to the size of the original Game Boy and slightly thinner. It weighs comfortably in the hand and has plenty of space inside the case, so it has a 4300mAh battery that offers a lifespan of 6-10 hours (depending on the game you play).

Analogue Pocket Hands-on Box

Analogue Pocket Hands-on-Pocket Document Cosmos Rear

Overall, the pockets feel as easy to hold as the original Game Boy, and seeing that I have pretty hands, size doesn’t matter to anyone suffering from similar pain. Should be, and the unit shouldn’t be offensive to the original Game Boy pocket, even those with big hands. For all intents and purposes, buttons, cross keys, and general build quality are comparable to traditional devices built to be abused by children. Anyone like me who is crazy about Game Boy mods and finds the quality and comfort of such a build should feel at home with an analog pocket.

Game support

Analog Pocket Hands-on GB Grid

Over the past few years, I’ve bought and built all sorts of modified Game Boys and found that many aftermarket screens are of different quality. One screen may flash white each time you enter a Pokemon Crystal building (such as a GBP backlit TFT), and another screen flashes white each time a course is loaded into Mario Golf with a modified GBC with an IPS LCD. May be done. As a result, I was worried that analog would run into similar problems, as many games have unique quirks that weren’t displayed on Game Boy’s original LCD.

It’s nice to say that Analogue currently offers one of the most accurate screens in handheld games, if not. All issues encountered in the Game Boys aftermarket exchange are minimized or do not exist in Pocket. In general, the game works fine, and there’s also a transparency workaround thanks to the optional frame blending feature built into Pocket. Classic Game Boy games took advantage of system quirks to create fake transparency (By blinking the sprite), This is the first device I’ve seen that can duplicate it.

So far, I’ve never encountered a physical game that I can’t play properly with Analogue Pocket. The community created some documentation at the time of release, but it was patched immediately with 1.0b firmware. This is the kind of support we want. Flash carts are another story. Some work and some do not.I can confirm that both my EverDrive GBX7 and GBA Mini work fine, the community has already discussed and implemented it, but others weren’t very lucky with the same model. Workaround..

Analogue Pocket Hands-on Flash Cart (1)

Analogue Pocket Hands-on Flash Cart (2)

Of course, ROM and how to use it in Analogue Pocket is a hot button topic. I don’t tolerate piracy, but I can admit that it’s often the only way to play many classic games. Analogue is known to open up the system after its release, but Pocket didn’t. This device is still on the minimum required firmware, but official ROM support may be available in the future.Tentatively, the fan devised a way to load the ROM into the SD card that boots with the device. GB Studio The section exists to allow developers to test the game.This is because the flash cart does not have access to the pocket sleep feature GB Studio Trick A lifesaver of legally procured ROMs that you want to play while taking advantage of the optional sleep feature.


Currently, Analogue Pocket is an ongoing work. Analogue has made some big promises AnalogueOS, This software has not arrived yet. For me, this isn’t too much of a problem as I’ve used modified Game Boys and flash carts so far. Therefore, the current experience has already improved significantly. Still, incomplete software is something to maintain. Keep in mind that Analogue nevertheless does not yet provide an arrival date for Analogue OS. Many Hardware delay..

Analogue Pocket Hands-on Software Main Menu

Analogue Pocket is practicing software tools

The software that ships with Analogue is only essential. In the main menu, you can choose whether to boot the cartridge. In addition, there are tool sections and device settings available. I don’t see any preservation, cover art, playtime, etc., but at least it’s planned for Analogue OS.

Analogue Pocket practices music production

Of the menu[ツール]There are currently two tools in the section, Nanoloop and GB Studio. Nanoloop Is a GBA synthesizer / sequencer that provides the ability to save tracks to an SD card. You can use the tools to create legitimate chiptune tracks, but it’s a bit tedious and cumbersome. Still, no one said it would be easier to make music with gaming handhelds. As mentioned above, GB Studio has proven to provide space for testing custom software and also a convenient place to load modified ROMs.

Should you buy it?

Analogue Pocket Hands-on Pocket Shanti Front

absolutely.. For me, an analog pocket for anyone who has been crazy about handheld games since the first Game Boy, has devoted his career to covering mobile games, and spends his free time playing games after writing about games all day long. Wanted to be everything I have ever experienced. I’m pretty ironic (imagine!), So I can’t say this easily, but even at the current minimum, Pocket is the best way to play retro handheld games. Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles are displayed throughout the screen. The proportion of GBA games is different, but you can stretch it to fit your size. It’s definitely appreciated as there is no way to do that with a modified Game Boy.

Analogue Pocket Hands-on-pile o game

If your goal is to play a physical Game Boy cart, Analogue Pocket is the latest way to do this without having to buy expensive mods or have to modify classic hardware yourself. Provides a way. Analogue also sells optional adapters for playing Game Gear, Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket, and TurboGrafx-16 games, but until now only Game Gear adapters were available.

For now, there’s still a long queue to get Pocket, and unless you have a big wallet to overpay on eBay, that’s definitely an obstacle. Availability is a major issue with Pocket, and sadly there’s little to do about it. Analogue prefers to create bespoke consoles in small quantities, rather than leaving the hardware on the shelves. Hopefully the company has plans to spin up manufacturing, but analog isn’t well known for meeting demand — at least historically not.

Analog pocket gets GB light R type kboard

Still, if you have the means and patience, especially if you’re interested in classic handheld games, it’s highly recommended to get an analog pocket. FPGA emulation can easily be stacked on traditional hardware, thanks to an HD screen that rarely shakes when throwing any game. Yes, while some of the issues inherent in titles decades ago remain, analog has done a great job of recreating the original experience with software tricks such as frame blending transparency. In addition, the unit is comfortable in the hand and has controls that can be easily compared to the original. Especially for $ 220, nothing else stacks up.


Q: Q: How does Analogue Pocket compare to Retroid Pocket 2+?

Retroid Pocket 2+ is the latest entry in the Retroid Pocket line, with a 4: 3 screen that emulates classic console games, but classic handheld titles have different ratios, so they fit perfectly on the screen. I will not. Retroid includes many features such as rumble and analog joystick, but if your target is to play Game Boy games, you don’t need these features.

Q: Q: How is Analogue Pocket compared to ANBERNIC RG351V?

While ANBERNIC offers quite a few emulation devices, the RG351V is as clearly designed as a classic Game Boy with a portrait profile. Despite this design choice, the 4: 3 screen makes it suitable for playing traditional console games rather than traditional handheld games. Indeed, handheld games are completely playable. It does not fill the entire screen. This is where the Analogue Pocket shines.

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