9 best platformers for Android in 2022

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Platformers are one of the oldest video game genres, not just consoles. In fact, you can find some of the best Android games in this genre. Platform games are usually not constrained by touch screen controls or small screens when other categories, such as real-time strategy games, are hampered by restricted controls on the phone. Game designers can be creative.

From melancholy and thoughtful games like Limbo to desperate barrage adventures like Downwell, there’s something for everyone here. As with any Android survival game, every corner has a whole new experience. However, sometimes you don’t know where to start, so we’ve collected a list of the best platformers for Android.


Limbo is a captivating puzzle game that combines a memorable atmosphere with intelligent puzzles to create a immersive experience to the end. If you’re tasked with rescuing her sister from the territory of Limbo, you’ll soon find that this game isn’t for the creepy guys easily.

It’s a relatively short experience, but Limbo definitely needs to be played. Puzzles are really tricky without frustration. When you complete them, you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

Witch eye

Witch eye is the exact opposite of Limbo. Attack players with vibrant visuals, desperate gameplay, and quirky enemies. You don’t solve puzzles or look carefully here. Instead, you are given control to defeat a floating eyeball without a magical body and many tricky enemies. Witcheye’s quirky and unique gameplay is the axis on which the game spins.

Dangerous operations are easy, but incredibly rewarding, thanks to Witcheye’s innovative control system that keeps gameplay fluid. It’s a great choice for anyone looking for an original fast-paced platformer.


Balancing dark humor and puzzles, The Cave bends with lots of twists and immerses you. Choose 3 characters from 7 sets to explore caves, solve puzzles and explore new territories to uncover their secrets.

Unfortunately, The Cave’s stunning design is hampered by fairly frustrating controls. But don’t let it procrastinate you. It’s worth the effort.


If you’re not used to the difficulty of becoming a radish and dad, dad is a game for you. It’s a beautiful, quirky game that combines classic pixel-inspired visuals, engaging humor, and a friendly protagonist to create an experience that should bring a smile to your face.

It’s similar to the original Mario game, so it’s perfect if you need a simple game in a retro style.


Oddmar is a visually appealing handmade platformer and should be one of the best Android games. A compelling game for all ages with a good balance of puzzles and action. Puzzles are the least tricky, but clever movements and the use of clever abilities will get you through.

Oddmar keeps gameplay fresh with a variety of fun weapons, abilities, and lots of collectibles to discover. You may end up playing it again just to see everything it has to offer.

Dead cells

Dead Cells is probably the most playable game on this list. In addition to stunning art style and wide range of abilities, it includes a world of permanent death and non-linearity. It can be frustrating to die when returned to the beginning, but the gameplay is so much fun that it doesn’t bother me. That’s good because you lose most battles until you learn how to fight your enemies.

Dead Cells are perfect for those who prefer higher stakes. Sometimes brutal, but it’s incredibly rewarding to go a little bit each time.

Leo’s Fortune

Leo’s Fortune isn’t the most original platformer, but it checks all the right boxes. Leo’s Fortune focuses on quality, not large amounts of content or innovative gameplay. There is nothing unnecessary in this game, and each level has a unique handmade feel.

The main character of the story (Leo) is a very attractive person. When he looks for his missing gold, he has to sympathize with the mustache-bearing monster.

Leo’s Fortune is great for those who enjoy games that don’t turn corners, but it doesn’t take it very seriously.


Dandara is a great experience playing pinball crossed by a hack and slash game. In the world of salt, gravity is a tool used, not a law to follow. To move around the map, you need to jump from wall to floor to ceiling in a blink of an eye. It may seem intimidating at first, but you can quickly switch between dodging projectiles and attacking enemies.

Like Dead Cells, it has a non-linear progression system, so exploration is an integral part of gameplay. Great for those who are tired of the fast, fun and linear Mario style platformers.


Downwell adopts a simple concept and implements it perfectly. Instead of beautiful scenery or elaborate stories, you will be given gun boots (boots with guns) and a well to descend. Packed with various monsters and upgrades, it’s an exciting experience. Those who appreciate barrage shooters will love Downwell. Rapid reaction and constant shooting are the keys to victory here.

What makes Downwell really great is how great it is to play. This is not a game for those who value stories and explorations. For those who like to dodge bullets and enemies at a furious pace.

Best platformer on Android

Platformer games offer players a variety of challenges, from fast-paced actions to complex puzzles. From creepy horror to ridiculous gunners, there’s something small for everyone here. If you prefer less action and more puzzles, Limbo is for you. In fact, there are also many great puzzle games for Android.

If you’re a little more action-packed and need real challenges, Dead Cells may give you the hardships you crave. We will update this list as more games drop, so let us know your favorite game in the comments below.

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