12 best Android Auto apps in 2022

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Android Auto may not get much attention, but it’s definitely a plus when using Android devices, especially if you drive a lot. This app overrides the native device. This will give you hands-free access to many apps that support Android Auto. Ideally, such a setting would minimize distractions on the road and have the additional bonus of being able to natively use the best Android apps on the car screen. That’s why Techvair has put together a favorite summary.

So if you’re currently looking for the best Android Auto app available on the Google Play store, you’re in the right place. Today’s summary is an ever-growing list. Feel free to drop your nominations in the comments if you want to suggest some of your favorites.

Google map

There is no doubt that Google Maps is the most commonly used app on Android Auto. this is, Installed on 1 billion devices.. It is one of the most accurate and efficient mapping software on the market, dating back to 2008. With many years of development behind it, And it’s free. No subscription required. Your subscription will always be renewed and launched. So, of course, maps are the number one recourse for Android Auto users with its huge installation base. This is second to none, thanks to its great direction while driving.

In addition, the map responds to lighting. That is, it offers a bright theme and a dark theme, which automatically switch between them, such as when entering a tunnel. So for everyone using Android Auto, maps are great for car navigation. Waze is great (that’s why it’s on the list), but Maps is packed with lots of features such as offline features.

Monetization: Free / including ads / no IAP

Summary of the best androud automatic apps on Google Maps (2)

Summary of the best androud automatic apps on Google Maps

Scanner Radio-Police Scanner

While habitually listening to an emergency scanner at home may not help everyone, listening while driving can actually help you avoid accidents and the like. Unlike relying on Waze users to report road problems, you can listen to your city’s emergency scanner to look for problems that are blocking the road.

Listening to an emergency scanner is very useful for those who spend their days working on the road, but even if you’re not looking for delays directly from the source, listening to a local scanner while driving keeps you up to date. Can be kept. An emergency in your city. That is, if you are interested in such things.

Monetization: Free / Ads included / IAP $ 2.99 per piece

Scanner Radio-Police Scanner Android Automatic Rounding up (1)

Scanner Radio-Police Scanner Android Automatic Summary

Autovaras: Android Car Assistant

As for Android Auto, many autofocus apps are expected. Depending on what you’re looking for, you may have few choices, but Autovaras stands out thanks to its expiration tracking feature. All you have to do is enter a date such as the next vehicle inspection, insurance expiration date, tag expiration date, etc. You’ll always have access to a screen that contains this very important information so you don’t miss important dates and endanger your license.

Autovaras may be a simple release, but it’s certainly a useful release, and there’s no charge associated with this app, so you can get an installation for free.

Monetization: Free / No ads / No IAP

Spotify: Music and Podcasts

If you want to play music and podcasts in a single robust app, Spotify is easily the best choice. Not only does it provide integration with Android Auto, but it’s also a great music app in itself. The library is huge, even the new podcast library is growing exponentially, and there are some shows that can only be seen in the service. Exclusive rights are rarely good for consumers as they eliminate competition from the market, but I would like to say that the ability to take a music library anywhere, especially because it is accessible from almost anywhere. Combine this with Google’s voice commands to jam hands-free to some songs while driving.

In addition, anyone can use Spotify for free if they don’t mind putting some ads between the song and the podcast. Spotify is an easy-to-access streaming service that works well with Android Auto (especially Car View removal).

Monetization: Free / including ads / no IAP

Spotify Music and Podcasts Best Android Auto Roundup (2)

Spotify Music and Podcasts Best Android Auto Roundup (1)


There are many messaging apps to choose from, many of which work with Android Auto and the Google Assistant. Telegram stands out consistently. Sending messages is fast, everything is encrypted, all content is synced across your account (you can easily resume where you left off when migrating from PC to Android), and a native PC app (here a web app). Is not required). You can delete the message at any time.

In addition, the app is constantly updated. I have a lot of things I like here. Telegram works well with Android Auto and the Google Assistant, so you can easily move hands-free while driving.

Monetization: Free / No ads / No IAP

Telegram best android auto app roundup (1)

Summary of Telegram's best Android Auto apps

Audience: Audiobooks and Podcasts

This is for audiobook enthusiasts. Commuting is the best time to listen to audiobooks. Thanks to Audible’s Android Auto support, you can easily launch Audible audiobooks directly from the Android Auto UI.

Amazon owns Audible, so the choice of audiobooks is great. In addition, the app also offers podcasts (some people are worried because when a conglomerate buys a show, it manages what was previously a public market). You can also buy audiobooks full of ebooks directly from the Amazon store. This is a great way to save on your Kindle and Audible purchases. Best of all, Audible not only provides you with the convenience of being able to easily resume where you left off, but you can also replay what you missed while you’re distracted. Ideal for listening on the go.

Monetization: Free / including ads / no IAP

Waze-GPS, maps, traffic alerts, live navigation

Waze is a great navigation app in itself and is still under active development. Working through crowdsourcing, anyone can report accidents and other delays on the road, so the rest can see information in minutes. This allows the driver to choose an efficient route. That’s great, that’s why Google bought the service.

However, despite the lack of offline support, Waze provides accurate real-time traffic thanks to the user’s work. In addition, Waze integrates nicely with Android Auto, allowing you to launch apps from within. Waze is a great travel companion.

Monetization: Free / including ads / no IAP

Waze's Best Android Auto Roundup (3)

Summary of Waze's best Android Auto

Pocket cast

Some streaming services such as Spotify and Audible provide podcast support, but if you’re looking for a dedicated podcast app, PocketCasts has been a flagship product since 2011. The company has been sold several times. Thanks to the intuitive UI and queuing features that make it easy to set up a list for listening to podcasts, Pocket Casts are perfect for long drives while keeping your hands free.

The app can be plugged into Android Auto as well as the assistant without any problems, so you can keep your hands free if you want to change what you previously set up. So if you’re a podcast addict who needs control over your entire library for commuting, it’s best to start with PocketCasts.

Monetization: Free / No ads / IAP $ 0.99 ~ $ 9.99

PocketCasts-Summary of Podcast Player's best Android Auto apps

Pocket Casts-Summary of the best Android Auto apps for Podcast Player (2)

TomTomGO navigation

TomTom has been participating in satellite navigation games since 2004, so it makes sense that the company offers several apps on Android. Also, TomTomGO Navigation is a big player in the group. This navigation software is full-featured and you can try it for 30 days. If you like how it looks, you can buy a sub for $ 5 a month, $ 16 for 6 months, and $ 25 for a year’s directions.

Offline maps are supported along with lane guidance, real-time traffic alerts, and turn-by-turn navigation.There is also a free option to go by name TomTomAmiGOHowever, if you’re looking for TomTom’s complete set of navigation features, TomTom GO Navigation is definitely the version you should try if you need robust map software that works offline.

Monetization: Free / No ads / IAP $ 1.99 ~ $ 24.99

Poweramp Music Player

There are many music streaming apps, but the local music player is a rare kind and especially good. At the top of the list is Poweramp. We have been providing Android Auto support since 2019 and are popular due to its clear design and great EQ. It can also play in almost any format, including FLAC, making it an excellent player for audiophiles with a killer sound system.

You don’t have to worry about the compression of your favorite songs. With a built-in graphical equalizer with over 10 bands, you can get the best possible experience with your FLAC collection. You can try the full app for free for 15 days, and if you like what you see Unlock the full version on the Google Play store For $ 5.49.

Monetization: Free / No ads / No IAP

Poweramp Music Player Summary of the best Android Auto apps (2)

Summary of the best Android Auto apps for Poweramp Music Player

TuneIn Radio

Well, this sounds like a wild idea, but have you considered playing the radio on Android Auto? TuneIn Radio is an all-in-one radio app that offers over 100,000 radio stations across AM, FM and the Internet. This includes not only news stations, but also live broadcasts of popular podcasts and sports.

The app supports Android Auto and all of these stations are available so you can listen to the radio while driving. Station selection is exponentially better than the ones built into most car radios, so it’s not a crazy idea if you’re enjoying cruising music around the world while driving.

Monetization: Free / Advertising / IAP included $ 0.99- $ 149.99

Rainwave player

If you’re looking for something a little different while listening to the radio while driving, Player for Rainwave is probably just a ticket. This is an audio streaming app with a focus on video game music with built-in Android Auto support. It’s a free service backed by user contributions, so it doesn’t provide the support of more prominent players in streaming games, but it’s full of updates and the problem goes away quickly.

While the entire video game music app doesn’t appeal to everyone, Player for Rainwave is a great indie release that fills this niche brilliantly for those who enjoy chiptune, especially on the go. Best of all, you can rate songs, add the best songs to your favorites, customize your experience, and embark on a journey without fuss and fuss.

Monetization: Free / No ads / No IAP

Rainwave android Player for automatic roundup

Rainwave android auto roundup player (1)

This concludes the summary of today’s Android Auto apps. Hopefully everyone could find some apps to help them commute, but if they feel they’re missing something, they’ll make a noise in the comments and they’ll probably be on this list. Share the app. So enjoy and drive safely until the next update!

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