Video Game Prize 2022: Industry Response

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Winners, organizers and laureates of the German Computer Game Award 2022 on March 31 in Munich (Photo: Franziska Krug/Getty Images for Quinke Networks)Winners, organizers and laureates of the German Computer Game Award 2022 on March 31 in Munich (Photo: Franziska Krug/Getty Images for Quinke Networks)

The winners of the German Computer Game Award 2022 have been announced; The winners are welcome all over the country – an overview of the reaction.

It is part of the award ceremony rituals that winners, organizers and sponsors express hours and days afterward. The German Gaming Prize, awarded last night in Munich, is no exception. The federal government is providing 800,000 euros in prize money – a new record.

We have a course of the evening in the DCP feed documented; see list of winners herenominees you can here to read. You can find out who participated in the decision-making process at the jury in this post. As well as fresh friday column deals with DCP 2022.

Deep Silver Fishlabs/Koch Media

Space shooter developed in Hamburg and Munich choir game of the year – prize fund: 100,000 euros.

Paul Nicholls, Global Brand and Marketing Director, Deep Silver: “The international team had maximum freedom in the concept and development of Chorus. We view our award as “Best German Game” as proof that we can fully rely on the creativity, skills and experience of our studios.”

FilmFernsehFonds Bayern

FFF Bayern, based in the Digital Ministry, subsidizes the production of films, series and games in Bavaria. Two FFF-funded games win awards at DCP 2022: Bavaria invested €400,000 in choir (Deep Silver Fishlabs/Koch Media) – for Young Talent winner viblu (Donausaurus) was allocated a total of 37,000 euros.

with CipSoft the Bavarian company from Regensburg also received the title of “Studio of the Year”.

FFF Managing Director Dorothy Erpenstein: “Chorus is one of the first projects to receive increased production support following the EU notification. Enthusiastic fans and the decision of the DCP jury prove that it was a good investment. As the Wiblu award shows, young talents in Bavaria are also on a promising path and are working with outstanding companies such as Koch Media and CipSoft in an inspiring environment where creative and technological know-how in the Upper Palatinate makes a significant contribution. contribution. Congratulations to all the teams honored today.”

Bavarian Digital Ministry

Digital Minister Judith Gerlach (CSU), who is in charge of the Bavarian gaming industry, represented the insolvent Prime Minister: Contrary to what was announced, Markus Söder (CSU) did not attend the awards ceremony.

Judith Gerlach: “The awards ceremony in Munich once again confirms that Bavaria is the best place for the gaming industry. With awards from CipSoft GmbH from Regensburg for Best German Studio as well as Chorus games from Deep Silver Fishlabs / Koch Media as Best German Game and Wiblu from Pieter Bartonik, Christian Walter and Ramona Raabe in the category Young Talent Award / Best Prototype, central again Bavaria. This, of course, is primarily the success of vital companies and creative developers.”

Gerlach also sees one in awards Evidence of the effect of funding the Bavarian Games: “The Free State recognized the potential of the gaming industry early on and has supported it for over a decade. The current PC Game Prize winners have also received support from FilmFernsehFonds Bayern. Bavaria has developed a very lively gaming industry. And this is good. Because the gaming industry itself is very successful, not only from an economic point of view. It is also a technology engine for other areas such as business, healthcare and education. Congratulations to all the award winners!”

Film and Media Foundation North Rhine-Westphalia

The joy is especially great in Düsseldorf: five awards go to laureates from North Rhine-Westphalia, two of which were created with the financial support of the Film and Media Foundation (Omno as well as white shadows). In total, NRW has 15 nominations.

  • Best Family Game: Omno Studio Inkyfox, Werther
  • Best Debut: white shadows Monokel, Cologne
  • Top innovation and technology: warp dive Holocafe, Düsseldorf
  • Best Multiplayer Game: She takes two from Electronic Arts, Cologne
  • Special price for Tim Pleger for Games Jobs Germany

NRW Film and Media Foundation, Managing Director Petra Müller: “We congratulate all the award winners. And, of course, we are particularly pleased that two films funded by Filmstiftung received awards. Congratulations to Omno and the White Shadows team. The fact that almost a third of the awards this year go to North Rhine-Westphalia testifies to the efficiency and diversity of the regional industry.”

MFG Baden-Württemberg

Juggler’s tale from the Stuttgart-based studio Kaleidoscube wins DCP 2022 and 40,000 euros for “the best game world and aesthetics”. In 2018, the team received funding from the state-owned media and film company MFG.

Federal Ministry for Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK)

Michael Kellner (Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen) is the Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK) and is thus the first political organizer of the DCP. At the same time, Kellner appeared as a laudator at the “Best German Game”.

“Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s German Computer Game Award. With its games, the German gaming industry clearly demonstrates the huge potential that it has. Games keep us entertained even in difficult times and, as a driving force for innovation, provide an important boost to digitalization. And computer games are played online across all borders and thus build bridges between players around the world – this is more important than ever, especially in our time. That is why we want to further strengthen Germany as a venue for the games and make it even more internationally competitive.”

gaming association

Along with the Federal Republic of Germany, the game industry association is one of two sponsors of the German Computer Game Prize.

Managing Director Felix Falk: “Congratulations to all the winners of the German Computer Game Award 2022! The last two years have been particularly difficult for everyone. Developing games from the home office has also faced major hurdles. This year’s impressive winning games show that quality doesn’t have to suffer in these challenging environments, but great games can be made. The prizes for young talents are especially interesting: this once again shows the huge potential that we can use in the coming years if we turn Germany into one of the leading gaming locations in the world. As an industry, we want to achieve this together with the politicians.”

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