The Google Pixel camera has been the highlight of my smartphone for years.

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  • Google makes great smartphone cameras.
  • Getting around the Pixel series is simply impossible.

I often think about switching to another smartphone. However, I constantly find that I simply cannot and do not want to do without certain advantages of Pixel smartphones. In particular, several features stand out, among which is the outstanding camera performance of pixel phones. And so it has been for several years.

On the one hand, Google has never overcharged us, the Google Camera on Pixel phones doesn’t offer many features. The fact that two new modes were added to the Pixel 6 was a rare exception. What is perhaps simply not enough for some users and has already been criticized by me, can be convincing in everyday life for several years. The app is pleasantly simple.

I just noticed it again compared to the OnePlus 10 Pro. In fact, it is very close to pixel phones, because it does not look as much overloaded as devices from Xiaomi and Co. But the camera is not at the level of Google, despite the collaboration with Hasselblad and other promises. At least if you just want to take photos every time that look good the first time.

Google is very consistent, which is not common in the Android world.

And that’s exactly what convinced the Google Pixel for years. Excellence in software and processing has resulted in cameras delivering consistent and ever-improving performance over the years. The emphasis is also on simplicity so that you can create a high-quality respectable shot right from the hip. I find that Pixel phones capture almost every scene very well with its individual mood.

I haven’t seen another phone that consistently takes great pictures. And by that I really mean all the moments that can happen to you 24 hours a day. For me, this is another unique advantage that Google should never forgo or risk.

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