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Ad: Save 78% Today Only: pCloud Family Lifetime 2TB Cheaper

Advertising – This isn’t the first time you’ve read about pCloud. We have often introduced you to a Swiss cloud provider with a one-time payment and a huge focus on data protection. Today, families and friends looking for a shared cloud solution can count on it. Because from April 14 to April 18, the Lifetime Family Plan is greatly reduced – but just today, April 14, you save the most with over 78 percent. After that, the price increases every hour!

What is pCloud?

  • Access anytime, anywhere: The classic web interface is available for configuration and detailed settings. For convenient file management, pCloud also offers its own desktop and mobile apps for all common operating systems. With direct integration into the system, pCloud does not take up any local memory, but stores files on a virtual disk.
  • Features in Mass: The Swiss company provides all the features you could want from an online storage for a successful day-to-day work in the cloud: smart search, link matching with traffic measurement or a separate section for your photo library are just some of the features.
  • Cart 2.0: The classic recycle bin that stores individual deleted objects is no longer something special for the cloud. But with pCloud, you can even fully view and restore past data storage. The rewind function makes this possible.
  • Easy cloud backupQ: Do you still store backups on an external hard drive? It shouldn’t be. With just a few clicks, you have created a complete backup of your computer data and saved it to pCloud online storage. Backing up other cloud services like Dropbox is no problem either.

Promised maximum data protection and security!

We all know that US cloud companies don’t always take data protection so seriously. It’s time for pCloud to show you how to do it right:

  • Own server security: Since pCloud operates its own data centers, security measures are set much higher than usual. They are ISO certified and, through regular inspections, comply with the control standards SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II and SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II.
  • Serious data protection: As a Swiss company, pCloud adheres to local laws that are particularly strict regarding data protection. As a user, you benefit greatly from this. GDPR compliance is a matter of course.
  • site security: With various early warning systems and 24/7 surveillance, the servers are well protected from physical damage. Your data is also mirrored and stored in multiple locations, making data loss nearly impossible.
  • FREE Easter – pCloud Encryption: this name hides a function that protects a separate folder on the user side with an additional password. Only you as the user can open the folder. This paid feature is available on from 14 to 18 April free of charge with every family plan.

Easter Deal: pCloud Family Plan – 78% off

As we mentioned, pCloud relies on a lifetime license rather than unattractive subscription models. This means: pay once, keep forever. Save over 78 percent on Easter 2TB Family Cloud (up to five members):

This means that each of the five members of the cloud pays only 80 euros and receives 400 GB of online storage in purely mathematical terms. It’s even significantly cheaper than a single license from pCloud. But it’s not worth waiting for a long time: only today, April 14, the price is so unrealistically low. From tomorrow the price will increase by a few euros every hour.

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