Notch and holes: when Apple finally moves to full screen mode on the iPhone

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Whether it’s classic iPhone-Notch or alternative to hole punch or pill notch: Looks like we’ll have to wait until at least iPhone 16 for the first “full-screen iPhone”. According to renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a notch-less iPhone should not appear before 2024. The notch is expected to disappear from the iPhone 14 Pro later this year. Non-professional models in the iPhone 15 should appear next year.

In a tweet, Kuo reiterated his earlier prediction that Face ID would be undervalued in 2024. iPhonewill be unveiled at the same time as the launch of the iPhone 16 series. He gives more details and changes his reasoning: at the beginning of the month, Kuo still thought it was a marketing decision and saw no technical reasons, now he clarifies that improvements in the image signal processor and software algorithms necessary to achieve acceptable results with the front camera even in low light conditions, if it is also located under the display.

As with the notch on the 2022 models, all signs point to Apple using the full-screen design as a visual differentiation for its more expensive Pro devices with a standardiPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Max will likely get either a notch or the new design expected for the iPhone 14. If the current Standard/Pro/Max designations still exist at this point in time.

Kuo’s prediction may be intriguing, but it sounds disappointingly cautious about the time frame. There were hopes that in 2023 Face ID will be under the screen with iPhone 15 people are coming.

We currently know a lot about this. iPhone 14, but we don’t believe that even very well-informed analysts can make accurate predictions about the iPhone two generations later. At best, these are wide-ranging speculations about Apple’s overall direction, and even information that may be relevant now can quickly become outdated as the company’s plans change in the coming years.

However, the forecast makes sense and is in line with what DSCC CEO Ross Young tweeted last month. At the time of this writing, it seems likely (and, as we can see, accepted by at least two reputable analysts) that Face ID will be used in iPhone The 16th generation will sit under the display.

The under-display sensor technology exists, but it falls far short of Apple’s high standards. Samsung put an under-display camera on its Galaxy Z Fold3, but the quality and design left a lot to be desired. So Kuo’s comment about improving processing makes sense.

Finally, it should be reiterated that Ming-Chi Kuo has extensive experience in the industry and has made a number of accurate assessments. He’s by no means infallible – his Apple Track hit rate at the time of writing is a somewhat unimpressive 72.5 percent – but that partly reflects the nature of his work, which tends to be far-reaching rather than “My Sources”. telling me that Apple will hold an event in 11 days.” He knows his business.

This article was first published by colleagues from Macworld and was translated from English. (makworld)

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