New Google Update Released: Lots of Improvements for All Android Users

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Google has released a new update for all Android devices. In particular, the Play Store will receive some improvements. We’ve compiled the details here.

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From Google, not only Android updates are regularly available, but also Google system updates. And now they have been expanded to include new features and bug fixes in April 2022. The changelog is now available to update with all new features.

Google system updates make Android devices safer and more reliable, and add new and useful features. This includes updates from Google for the Android operating system, Google Play Store and Google Play Services. Google system updates are available for smartphones, tablets, Android TV and Google TV, Android Auto vehicles, Wear OS devices, and Chrome OS devices.

Google System Update: This is changing for Android users

Google has released a new system update for all Android users.Google has released a new system update for all Android users.

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So now the changelog of the April 2022 Google system update is available, which looks like this:

Critical bug fixes

  • [Auto, Telefon, Tablet, TV, Wear OS] Bug fixes for security and privacy, as well as system management and diagnostic services. [1][2]

account management

  • [Auto, Telefon, Tablet, TV] Introducing new settings and notifications for encrypted data on the device to improve password security. [2]
  • [Auto, Telefon] With updates to the Google Account theme, you can see an improved user interface that is cleaner and easier to understand. [2]

google play store

  • Improvements to the “play as you download” feature allow gamers to start playing mobile games, and downloading the application further reduces waiting times. [3]
  • New features to help you find your favorite apps and games.[3]
  • Optimizations for faster and more reliable downloads and installations.[3]
  • New features for the Play Pass and Play Points programs. [3]
  • Google Play billing improvements. [3]
  • Continuous improvements to Play Protect to protect your device. [3]
  • Various performance optimizations, bug fixes, and security, stability, and accessibility improvements. [3]

Google System Update: Improvements for App Developers

system administration

  • Updates to systems management services that improve device connectivity, network usage, stability, security, and upgradability. [1][2]

developer services

  • New developer options for Google and third-party app developers to support ads, accessibility, analytics and diagnostics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and security and privacy developer services in their apps. [2]

[1] Available through the April update of the Google Play system.
[2] Available on Google Play Services version 22.12 updated 04/12/2022.
[3] Available on the Google Play Store, version 30.1 updated 04/12/2022.

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