GRID Legends: Version 1.09 Ready for PC and Console Version, Dual Pack Offers Four Vehicles – News

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Codemasters is once again releasing an update for GRID Legends with many cross-platform improvements and a “Seneca and Ravenwest” pack. Read all the details here.

GRID Legends: Version 1.09, ready for PC and console version, the double pack offers four vehicles.GRID Legends: Version 1.09, ready for PC and console version, the double pack offers four vehicles. zoomGRID LegendsAll picturesAfter a weekend extended into the Easter break, Codemasters has this for GRID Legends The responsible team on Tuesday introduced a new update for the game. Update to version 1.09 is similar to patch V1.07. Various bug fixes and improvements are being made across platforms, including better support for certain Fanatac and Thrustmaster hardware.

In addition, performance has been improved for Xbox One and Xbox Series X, and the PC version now also works on Windows 11 and should no longer cause update issues.

Changes in version 1.09 in individual areas can be understood from the following overview in German. If you are wondering why V1.08 was skipped, it should be said that according to official information, it was also released on Tuesday. In terms of content, the purchase of the “Seneca and Ravenvest” package for 7.99 euros has been implemented, as well as changes in the use of spatial audio playback.

The Seneca and Ravenwest Twin Pack gives you access to four incredible cars: the Aston Martin Vantage GT4, Porsche 962C, Ginetta G55 GT4 and Koenigsegg Jesko, ready for immediate use in Career Mode. Also included are six exclusive career events celebrating the infamous Ravenwest Motorsport team, as well as team badges, liveries and banners to showcase a Ravenwest or Seneca fanatic on the track.

GRID Legends – Update V1.09 Changelog:
-Fixed flickering under vehicles in the garage.
– Vehicle upgrade icons no longer appear as black squares in multi-class races.
-All shop fields in the game now work correctly.
-Added presets for Thrustmaster wheels “T248-PS” and “T248-X”.
– Fanatec CSL DD is now recognized on PC and Xbox.
– Distance traveled is now recorded correctly.
– Shift lights are no longer invisible or too dim.
– Dumont T36 Brawler Sport RPM dial now shows correct values ​​when it’s raining.
– AI drivers who lost Nemesis status will no longer become Nemesis again for no reason.
– Adjusted the glare of the rear lights.
-Added InstaLod logo to credits and intro.
– Other minor bugs have been fixed in the game.

– AI can no longer achieve fast lap times in Time Attack.
– Memory Upgrades are now applied to their respective Online Races.
-Fixed a bug that caused players to show up offline even if they were online.
– Players can now join by invitation after the event ends.
– Cars are no longer grayed out when viewed.
-Fixed a flight launch issue when joining time attack races that were already running.
-The game will no longer prompt players to switch their privacy settings to “Public” if they are already set to “Public”.
– Team races will no longer display a blank race results screen when the AI ​​is disabled.
-Changes in sessions are now displayed correctly.
-If the Ethernet connection is lost, privacy now switches to “Offline Mode”.
-Sequential host migration no longer causes the session to disappear from the session list.

Driven by fame and career
– You can now return to the main menu during a story event.
-Fixed an issue that caused some vehicles in “To Battle” to leave the game world.
-Pro Drift Finale – Time of day and weather conditions are now displayed correctly.
– Fireworks now fire correctly at the beginning of the story.
– The “Trafalgar Square” cutscene now renders correctly.
– Semi-Pro Multi-Class Event 1. This event can now be won by selecting a Porsche 911 RSR or Porsche 911 GT1.

-Fixed various issues that could cause the game to crash on all platforms.

– Improved performance for Xbox One and Xbox Series X.
-Now you can take screenshots, videos and streams again when HDR is activated.

Origin/EA Desktop
– The game now launches correctly on Windows 11.
– The game now updates correctly.

– Debug texts are no longer displayed in some cases.
– Made minor translation fixes in the game

– Main menu music no longer plays during the credits.
– Several other audio fixes have been made to the game.

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