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The rumor that Apple is working on satellite communications for its devices has been circulating for some time now. So the rumors went among other things, shortly before the announcement of the iPhone 13. Now we know that this technology has not made it into the current generation of iPhone. But what about the upcoming iPhone 14 or future Apple Watch models?

Bloomberg: Future Apple Watch models will get satellite connectivity

While the iPhone was primarily associated with satellite communications, it looks like the Apple Watch will also use the technology in the future.

In the latest issue of the Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman hints that the Apple Watch is also destined to have this feature. A usually well-informed Apple insider expects the technology to be released this year or next. It is called

Whether it’s an iPhone or an Apple Watch, this technology will become an alternative to Garmin’s inReach Explorer and SPOT. These are portable satellite communication devices with similar functions.

Recently, there have been signs that Apple and its apparent satellite partner Globalstar Inc. may come close to launching such a feature. In February, Globalstar announced it had reached an agreement to purchase 17 new satellites to provide “continuous satellite service” to a “potential” – and unnamed – client that paid it hundreds of millions of dollars.

Apple is rumored to be announcing three new Apple Watch models this year. Clock should be aimed at extreme sportsmen. It may make sense to implement an emergency function here. The emergency call feature should only work in areas without cellular coverage and only in certain markets.

Don’t get me wrong: a satellite connection should not be for phone calls. Emergencies should be reported or short text messages should be made available to emergency contacts. Gourmet speaks in parallel with Apple Watch in their latest newsletter also about new Macs.

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