Frame rate increases significantly with VRR

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04/30/2022, 13:15, Valentin Sattler. A YouTube video shows that the Playstation 5 can achieve significantly higher frame rates with the new VRR support. The reason for this is not a performance increase, but simply that the frame rate lock has been removed.

Playback sometimes renders more or fewer frames per second than the monitor can display. The result is slight stuttering or, if the frame rate is too high, a so-called tearing. Several images are displayed on the monitor at the same time, which are separated by ugly transitional edges.

Playstation 5 with VRR

There are several synchronization methods to eliminate this effect. Among other things, HDMI 2.1 displays support VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) technology, which synchronizes the frame rate of the game with the frame rate of the monitor and thus prevents image tearing. Problem: prefix 5 did not support this feature until now. So the frame rate was simply fixed at 30 or 60 fps.

After a long wait, Sony this week introduced VRR support for the Playstation 5. To get you started, you have 14 games official support for synchronized frame rate, and this feature can optionally be activated for all other titles. Judging by the video on the YouTube channel “ElAnalystaDeBits”, this step can be useful, because VRR sometimes gives a significantly higher frame rate.

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The video shows several games with and without VRR activated, which means that the Playstation 5 calculates games with and without fps lock. The differences are sometimes huge: in many scenes of the games shown, the frame rate is more in the range of 80 instead of 60 frames per second, and sometimes the number of frames per second is even a three-digit number.

Story: PS5: variable refresh rate finally arrives with 14 games

The higher frame rate is not caused by a spontaneous increase in the performance of the Playstation 5, but simply by the removal of frame rate caps. Therefore, in some particularly demanding scenes, the refresh rate must continue to drop to 30 or 60 fps. However, in all other scenes, you can expect higher frame rates and therefore smoother gameplay with VRR.

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