Destiny 2: Patch Notes for Update 4.0.1

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fate 2 will receive update 4.0.1 with possible big changes on Tuesday, April 19th. This has also been linked to downtime on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and Google Stadia. We’ll be watching for updates to let you know when the Destiny servers will be down today.

What you need to know today: Bungie has announced that they will shut down the server on April 19th. However, this is not a minor fix, but an update.

MeinMMO accompanies Update 4.0.1 and always updates this article with fresh information.

Update 19:20: An 802.5MB update for PS5 is now also available. If you have downloaded the update, you can register immediately. If patch notes are released, we’ll list them here for you.

Maintenance 19.04 – All the time and the server is down

These times are important today:

  • Maintenance work on all platforms will begin at 18:00 German time.
  • Servers will shut down at 18:30. You will be kicked out of activities, downtime will begin.
  • At around 7:00 PM, the servers should be up and running and update 4.0.1 should be available.
  • Maintenance work must be fully completed by 20:00.

Noticed: Due to the change in time, not only the weekly reset, but also the downtime an hour later. So if everything goes smoothly, you won’t have to go long without Destiny 2 again.

Also note that Third Party Apps and Official Companion App cannot be reached correctly.

Perhaps this time the Guardians are waiting for big changes.

This will change with patch 4.0.1 in season 16.

It brings the fix today: Bungie has already released a list of known issues that have yet to be fixed.

However, Bungie hasn’t revealed any details showing what will be fixed today, April 19th. Only issues reported by the community are known.

Players have also reported these errors:

  • Increase in MARMOT error message – under investigation
  • When attempting to import friends from other Bungie Friends platforms, some platforms display an error and fail to import friends.
  • The No Time to Explain Portal still fires at downed enemies.

If you also notice problems in the game, then it is recommended to immediately go to Official Bungie Help Forum report to draw attention to it.

Patch Notes for Hotfix 4.0.1 in Destiny 2

What’s in the patch notes? The patch notes for today’s update have not yet been released. Information often appears together with or shortly before the update itself. As soon as we have it, we will add it to you here as a link.

What do you expect from this update? Do you think Bungie will make a difference? Or is it just preparation for the new Guardian Games 2022? Let us know how you feel about this in the comments!

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