Control WhatsApp with Alexa: This Forbidden Skill Makes It Possible

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WhatsApp April 23, 2022 at 8:00 pm

Manage WhatsApp with Alexa? It’s actually impossible. However, an informal skill is circulating on the web for this purpose. But when using this, you take a big risk.

WhatsApp can only be connected to Alexa indirectly.
WhatsApp can only be connected to Alexa indirectly. (Source: Netzvelt)

  • WhatsApp does not offer an Alexa skill.
  • The developer has released an unofficial extension on GitHub.
  • This allows you to read messages on your Echo speakers.

Messenger whatsapp manage voice command? With Siri or Google Assistant, this is not a problem, at least on mobile. But what about Alexa? In short: dark. Because if you search “WhatsApp” in the Amazon skill store, you won’t find the right language assistant extensions.

You risk account suspension

As a result of the request, there is only one skill for using a Telegram competitor on the Echo Show. However, on GitHub, the developer has published an unofficial Alexa skill that allows you to write WhatsApp messages and have them read to you through your Echo speakers.

But be careful! Installation is not only difficult, but also fraught with risk. Also use suspension of your account as using third party software is against the WhatsApp Terms of Service. The developer directly points to this.

Also, keep in mind that with third party software, you never know exactly what it is actually referring to. So think twice before giving a tool access to your private chat history. If you’re willing to take the risk, you’ll find the right skill, including installation instructions. here.

Control WhatsApp with Alexa on your phone

You cannot control whatsapp on your smartphone with a forbidden skill via alexa. Only the command “Alexa, open WhatsApp” is possible. In addition, the language assistant recognizes the service and says that it cannot do it yet.

Therefore, we will show you in the guide how to do it instead of WhatsApp messages dictated by Google Assistant.

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