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The hunt for the coveted PS5 continues for many in the new week. Which retailers currently have the best prospects for fresh console shipments?

Hamburg, Germany. While some PS5 hunters have finally been able to get their hands on the coveted Sony console in the numerous campaigns of recent weeks, demand for the PlayStation 5 is still huge. For many potential buyers, the hunt continues at the end of April. If you want to dust off the PS5, you’ll need a lot of luck, but above all, you need accurate information about the most important dealers so you can start a new sales campaign in a timely manner. And so you don’t miss any discounts or local sales this week, this PS5 slider provides you with the most important and up-to-date information on the current supply situation and the latest PS5 sales events at all relevant dealers in Germany. speaking countries.

Console NamePlayStation 5 (PS5)
ManufacturerSony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
TypeFixed game console
generation09th console generation
data carrierBlue Ray, SSD
releaseNovember 19, 2020

Buy PS5: These dealers currently have the best supply prospects

Where did you last buy a PS5? Last week, numerous potential buyers were once again able to finally get their hands on the PS5. Several dealers and online retailers such as PlayStation Direct, Müller, Spielegrotte or AK Trade were selling the coveted Sony console. However, the fall of OTTO, which many were looking forward to, did not take place last week either.

Which retailers are the most popular right now? During another young week, we can already announce the first confirmed drop.

PlayStation Direct, Sony’s internal PS5 sale, kicks off right at the start of the week – shipping there for the third time in April! The new sales campaign once again targets randomly selected PSN accounts registered with PS Direct and starts today, April 25 at 10:30 AM in Germany. If you are also registered, be sure to check your mail (including your spam folder). Closed sale will last until 12:00. At the moment, it is not known whether this time there will be an open sale for all interested parties. However, we are closely monitoring the situation with PlayStation Direct and will let you know here if it comes to that.

PS5 merchandise returns to PlayStation Direct this week for the third time in April!


However, PlayStation Direct isn’t the only interesting retailer this week. OTTO, Euronics, as well as MediaMarkt and Saturn remain interesting. But shipping giant Amazon could also get hot again in the last week of April.

OTTO hasn’t had a crash in more than two months, although all the other major providers in Germany have already sold the PS5 – sometimes even several times. OTTO will not keep you waiting long and will become a regular player. Some at MediaMarkt and Saturn still believe that a big local campaign could be followed by an online sale. Amazon is considered the guarantor of regular top-ups, but it hasn’t dropped yet in April. Recently, the online giant has always been selling in the last third of the month, so it can also deliver goods this week. Euronics used to supply regular shipments, but now it hasn’t offered any PS5 consoles or bundles for nearly four months. So here, too, you should keep your eyes peeled (but also beware of fake stores posing as Euronics).

The current situation with the supply of consoles from the largest PS5 dealers:

  • PS5 location in MediaMarkt and Saturn –> Last PS5 Drop March 23, 2022 (MM) and March 28, 2022 (Saturn), Major Local Campaign across multiple Saturn and MediaMarkt affiliates (begins April 12): Medium-high chances of replenishment in MediaMarkt and medium-high chances of replenishment of PlayStation 5 on Saturn
  • PS5 location on Amazon –> PS5 Latest Release March 30, 2022: Medium High Console replenishment chances
  • Location of PS5 in OTTO –> PS5 last drop 02/21/2022: High chances of replenishing the console
  • PS5 location in Expert –> PS5 Last Drop 01/05/2022 (in store): Medium-high chances of replenishing consoles (Everyone who is on the waiting list at the market has a good chance. Apparently those who are waiting are now supplied more.)
  • Muller’s PS5 situation –> PS5 last crash on 04/22/2022: Low chances of replenishing the console
  • PS5 location in PlayStation Direct –> Last PS5 Drop April 19, 2022: High Chances for Console Restock (Next Drop Already Confirmed)
  • Location of PS5 in Alternative –> The last major PS5 drop took place on 04/07/2022.: High chances of replenishing consoles (the kit is still available, but at a very high price)
  • Location of PS5 in Euronics –> PS5 Last Drop 12/29/2021: High chances of replenishing the console
  • PS5 situation in MediMax –> PS5 last crash 03/29/2022: Low chances of replenishing the console
  • PS5 situation in Kaufland –> Last PS5 crash on 03/30/2022: Medium-high chances of replenishing consoles
  • PS5 location at GameStop –> PS5 consoles are only sold in the store
  • PS5 location in ComputerUniverse –> PS5 last crash 1/4/2022: Medium-high chances of replenishing consoles
  • PS5 Location in Cyberport –> PS5 Last Drop 8/17/2021: Low chances of replenishing the console
  • PS5 location on MyToys –> Last PS5 drop 12/13/2021: Low chances of replenishing the console
  • PS5 location at Smyths Toys –> PS5 last drop 10/27/2021: Low chances of replenishing the console
  • PS5 situation in gaming grotto –> latest PS5 crash on April 19, 2021: Low chances of replenishing the console
  • Conrad PS5 Situation –> Last PS5 Crash April 8, 2022 (Locally at branches, also through the end of last week): Slow Console replenishment chances
  • Location of PS5 in Real –> Last shipment of PS5 in the store 12/04/2021: Low chances of replenishing the console

Buy PS5: PS5 still in short supply – will the supply situation finally improve soon?

Is there an improvement at last? In short: difficult to assess. It feels like Sony has pushed a little more consoles over the past few weeks. However, there is still speculation in the industry and among numerous retailers that the situation is unlikely to change significantly, at least in the next few months.

All in all, one should continue to assume that there will be a PS5 shortage for the foreseeable future. Some experts even suggest that this situation may continue throughout 2022. But if you want to get a PS5 without too much stress and also accept a higher price, then we recommend the following article: Buy PS5: Console Dust Guaranteed – These dealers always have stock.

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