Buy PS5: Ticker 05.04. – You should beware of these 3 traders

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PS5 continues to be in high demand even in April. We look at the most important candidates for replenishment and reveal who is especially hot at the moment.

Update from 04/05/2022, 07:00: Unfortunately, nothing happened since yesterday, there were no new drops. But today it’s time again: New day, new luck. OTTO has been and remains especially popular. This dealer is still trading on the scene as the most promising replenishment candidate for the current week.

But according to the PS5 hunter community, Euronics and PlayStation Direct are also worth checking out. In addition, the following usually applies: We are at the start of a new month and a new quarter. It’s also a good idea to keep a close eye on the other three big providers besides OTTO (like MediaMarkt and Saturn, plus Amazon), even if they’ve only recently sold the PS5.

We at will continue to closely monitor the situation and developments regarding PS5 shipments and will update you as soon as possible as soon as anything changes.

Buy PS5: April 4 Situation

Update from 04/04/2022, 16:45: The day is coming to an end, and the next batch of PS5 is yet to come. However, it could be hot again tomorrow. In addition, OTTO is the most interesting retailer. If you still want to erase something today, we recommend deals on Amazon for everything console-related: Amazon PS5 Easter Deals – you can save up to 64 percent here.

Update from 04/04/2022, 13:30: In this analysis, we’ve summarized for you which dealers have the most promising prospects for PS5 shipments in the new week starting today: Buy PS5: Available April 4th. – These dealers are now especially popular

Update from 04.04.2022, 11:00: There are currently discussions in the community regarding the note “Thank you to everyone who ordered the PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, the PlayStation 5 is currently sold out on” at OTTO. Because the lineup can still be seen on the seller’s PS5 overview page. However, according to some PS5 hunters, this “sold out” line should be gone when you turn it in or just before the sale. Then it would talk about the upcoming advertising campaign. Unfortunately, this is not a good indicator (already). Because with the last drops, this line has not disappeared. You can’t and shouldn’t rely on this alone anymore.

Update from 04/04/2022, 9:35 amA: So far, things are still quiet on the PS5 supply front. But if you want to try your luck in another way: Telekom is currently giving away the PS5 3x Digital Edition.. The closing date for applications for participation in the draw is April 10.

Update from 04/04/2022, 7:25: Good morning PS5 hunters. From today it’s time again: new week, new luck. But where should you be more careful at the moment? Which retailers are currently considered to be particularly popular in the market?

Well, in general, many well-known providers here in Germany are long overdue for fresh PS5 shipments and could theoretically drop at any moment without warning. In addition, a new month has now begun, so in general, you should now keep an eye on the biggest PS5 dealers such as MediaMarkt, Saturn or Amazon. But one provider is now considered particularly popular.

Since the middle of the week before last, almost all major German providers have fallen: first MediaMarkt, then Saturn and Amazon. During this period, there were also drops in one or the other smaller retailer such as MediMax or Müller. But one of the largest replenishment guarantors, OTTO, is still missing. This provider has already traded as one of the hottest candidates for replenishment over the past week (for all the others, the forecasts and estimates from the scene have come true), but has not fallen yet and therefore remains hot this week. OTTO is considered to have the highest chance of dropping this week. But why?

First, OTTO, like many other PS5 dealers, are generally past due. The last drop here was on February 21, there were no new PS5 consoles at all in March. However, OTTO is considered a guarantor of regular replenishment. In addition, the scene considers it unlikely that all the other major German providers (MMS, Amazon) apparently received shipments (and have already sold) and OTTO received nothing. There is more speculation here about the decision to deliberately move the sale to April and thus closer to the Easter business. So watch out for OTTO today again.

Also, another name has been popping up in the PS5 hunter community lately – Euronics. There have been no fresh additions to the PS5 here since the end of last year – even if the dealer used to be able to convince with regular top-ups.

In short: many retailers can now walk out of nowhere without warning. You should watch OTTO especially carefully. But in general, it’s a good idea to take a close look at the other three major vendors (MediaMarkt and Saturn, plus Amazon), even if all three have only recently offered PS5. Euronics could be a possible insider tip. And PlayStation Direct could also get interesting again in the new month – possibly as early as this week.

We at will of course continue to closely monitor the supply situation and all events related to PS5 and will let you know as soon as possible if there are any changes in this matter. And by the way, in case you haven’t noticed. Since last week, we have been joined by a potential PS5 supplier: Buy PS5: Kaufland Enters the Console Market – Any More Shipments Planned?

Update April 3, 2022 4:30 PM.: If you are still looking for PS5, you should also keep an eye on the competition. There you can dust your console completely free of charge. On top of everything else, you stand the best chance with this campaign: Competitive Alternative – Feed the Gummy Bears for free on PS5.

Console NamePlayStation 5 (PS5)
manufacturerSony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
TypeFixed game console
generation09th console generation
data carrierBlue Ray, SSD
releaseNovember 19, 2020

Original message from April 3, 2022: Hamburg – Sony’s PS5 is incredibly in demand and hard to get even a year after its release. A few drops are completely sold out within minutes. But if you’re fast enough, you can wait for the supply wave and secure the console. We show you the current situation on PS5 in a ticker and tell you where to find supplies.

Buy PS5: big supply wave brings hope for many drops

Where did you last buy a PS5? At the end of March, stocks finally appeared in some places. Nothing happened here for almost two months, and the drops stalled. The last fall took place on March 30th. hosted on Amazon. Quite a few PS5s have been sold there. Since then, things have calmed down a bit. An exact overview of the drop can be found here:

  • The current status of new PS5 consoles from the most popular retailers
  • PS5 location in MediaMarkt and Saturn –> PS5 last drop on March 23, 2022 (MM) and March 28, 2022 (Saturn): Average replenishment chances on MediaMarkt and low PlayStation 5 replenishment chances on Saturn
  • PS5 location on Amazon –> PS5 last crash 03/30/2022: Medium-high chances of replenishing consoles
  • Location of PS5 in OTTO –> PS5 last drop 02/21/2022: High chances of replenishing the console
  • PS5 location in Expert –> PS5 Last Drop 01/05/2022 (in store): Medium-high chances of replenishing consoles
  • Muller’s PS5 situation –> PS5 last crash 03/25/2022: Medium-high chances of replenishing consoles
  • PS5 location in PlayStation Direct –> PS5 Last Drop on March 17, 2022: Average Console Restock Chances
  • Location of PS5 in Alternative –> PS5 last major crash 2/28/2021 (false alarm): Low chances of replenishing the console
  • Location of PS5 in Euronics –> PS5 Last Drop 12/29/2021: High chances of replenishing the console
  • PS5 situation in MediMax –> PS5 last crash 03/29/2022: Low chances of replenishing the console
  • PS5 situation in Kaufland –> Last PS5 crash on 03/30/2022: Medium-high chances of replenishing consoles
  • PS5 location at GameStop –> PS5 consoles are only sold in the store
  • PS5 location in ComputerUniverse –> PS5 last crash 1/4/2022: Medium-high chances of replenishing consoles
  • PS5 Location in Cyberport –> PS5 Last Drop 8/17/2021: Low chances of replenishing the console
  • PS5 location on MyToys –> Last PS5 drop 12/13/2021: Low chances of replenishing the console
  • PS5 location at Smyths Toys –> PS5 last drop 10/27/2021: Low chances of replenishing the console
  • PS5 situation in gaming grotto –> latest PS5 crash on March 17, 2021: Low chances of replenishing the console
  • PS5 Location in Conrad –> Last PS5 Store Sale on 01/14/2022: Low chances of replenishing the console
  • Location of PS5 in Real –> Last shipment of PS5 in the store 12/04/2021: Low chances of replenishing the console
  • PS5 Location in Coolblue –> Out of stock yet: Low chances of replenishing the console

Which retailers are especially popular? All eyes are now on OTTO. The retailer hasn’t sold the PS5 for over a month and has been the top console supplier along with MediaMarkt, Saturn and Amazon. So something can definitely happen here in the coming days.

Euronik is also interesting. You haven’t been able to get a PS5 here since December, although shipments have clearly been regular in previous months. So it may well be that something will finally happen here. Other interesting retailers are Kaufland and Expert. You should definitely keep an eye on them too.

Buy PS5: Ticker 03.04. – These merchants have better drop chances.

© Sony/Amazon/MediaMarkt/GameStop/Saturn/Müller/Expert

Buy PS5: Lots of shipments in the future – is things finally getting better?

When will the PS5 situation finally improve? Hard to say. Sony itself announced supply problems in the first months of the year. This was especially noticeable in February and March. The situation improved only towards the end of March. This may mean that more falls will gradually start to happen again.

Overall, though, you should expect the PS5 to still be hard to get. This situation is likely to remain unchanged throughout the year. If you want to get your PS5 without too much stress, you should go here: Order PS5 Now – All Dealers with Replacement Parts

Category list: © Sony/Amazon/MediaMarkt/GameStop/Saturn/Müller/Expert

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