Buy PS5 direct from Sony: missed the drop? Register now for the next

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PS5 April 06, 2022, 07:07 PM

You can also buy PS5 directly from Sony. Sign up now to increase your chances of getting your console at the next PlayStation Direct Store.

You can now order PS5 directly from Sony.
You can now order PS5 directly from Sony.

  • On March 17th, a new sale took place at PlayStation Direct in Germany. However, the console could only be ordered by invitation.
  • If you missed the opportunity, you can register for the next drop right now.
  • Otherwise you will get another one. PS5 on E how easy.
  • Sales in the UK will start on April 7th.

Caution! If you are not yet registered, you should do so. In the UK, sales via Playstation Direct will begin on April 7, and Germany may soon follow.

you can I don’t think I’ll buy a PS5 at the momentand also in the PlayStation Direct Store, the console was available briefly on March 17 – and buy by invitation only.

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It is not yet clear when Sony’s next drop will take place, but sales in other countries are already starting. In order not to miss the next sale in Germany, you should register with the manufacturer now.

Sony but also offers direct registration, through which you express your interest in the console. Use this linkregister you.

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What you need to know about PlayStation Direct

you need one PSN account and then good luck to get an invite. So check your mail regularly.

You must allow Sony to send you emails in your PSN settings. Recently, the company also offers German customers direct registration in. If you are not yet registered, you can do so.

Link in order email

If you have received an invitation, the email must also contain a personal link where you can place an order. You can place an order only through a personal link.

If you happen to order one of these, you will love being a subscriber to PS Plus free express shipping (1 to 2 business days). Standard shipping takes 2-3 days. Sony only ships products via PlayStation Direct to postal addresses in Germany. Orders and deliveries for people living in Büsingen or Helgoland are not possible.

No fake shop, no speculators

Be sure to keep an eye on the Sony store from now on because you have the option to buy directly from the manufacturer. This way you avoid overpriced offers, get your console quickly after a successful order, and don’t worry about if it’s a fake store.


You can still buy a PS5 with an electricity contract or win in various sweepstakes such as Nestle, Sony or ebay.

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