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Where can you buy PS4 now?

PS5’s are hard to come by, which is why more and more people are switching to PS4 – but there’s a drought here too. If you want to buy a Playstation 4 now, you should keep an eye on all offers and availability and check the offers regularly.

Our recommendation: Watch regularly on the AmazonIs PS4 available? Availability and delivery times change daily. Only on February 22 did a small replenishment of the Playstation 4 appear on Amazon.

in PS4 with 500GB storage now you can find good used ones on amazon 260 euros.

That 1 TB model You can get a PS4 from Amazon right now used from 288 euros – currently sold out.

Buy a used PS4: at Saturn, Media Markt and ReBuy

As an alternative to new products, you can also used consoles buy, most of which are still in great shape. You can find good deals on, for example:

Buy a new PS4 at Saturn and Media Markt

In Saturn and Media Markt, the new model is listed from 299 euros, but often you have to wait for deliveries. Collection on the market may be possible!

FIFA Bundle with PlayStation 4

Good price package: You can currently get a used PS4 with 500 GB and FIFA 21 on Amazon for €319.

PS4 DualShock bundle with additional controller

Joint sofa set: one PlayStation 4 with 500 GB of memory and two DualShock controllers Amazon now costs about 330 euros. However, sometimes you have to wait for new products. It is best to regularly check availability directly with the seller.

Buy PS4 Pro: Partially available on Amazon

You can find a more powerful PS4 Pro with 1TB of storage sometimes used on Amazon from €374.

Would you rather try your luck on PS5? You can check hereIs the latest Sony console out now!

Buy PS4: The Best Deals of 2022

If you want to play Playstation games, you don’t necessarily need a PS5: many of the new games also run on the previous model, the popular PS4. It is available in a standard or slightly more powerful Pro version. According to the message “Bloomberg“Sony makes some models PS4 too in 2022 still new because the PlayStation 5 is so hard to find. Good news, because at the moment the PS4 is usually only available as a leftover or in use. Here we collect the best current offers and available options for you.

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