XXL SPECIAL: Nubert nuLine 34 and 284 Jubilee Edition with exclusive Corten steel finish.

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03/12/2022 (Carsten Rempacher)

For the tenth birthday of the extremely popular nuLine speaker series Nubert electronic GmbH from Schwäbisch Gmünd produces two particularly attractive special models: 34th Anniversary (500 euro/pc) and 284 years of nuLine (1500 euros/piece). Both products are available for purchase in limited quantities for a limited period starting March 11th. From a technical point of view, the Anniversary Editions are identical to the standard editions that remain in the program. However, the special models are optically refined thanks to a special surface treatment and should become a real cult favorite, especially among fans of the Swabian brand.

Nubert nuLine 34 Jubilee and Nubert nuLine 284 Jubilee

nuLine Jubilee models feature an exclusive Corten steel case. To achieve the most impressive visual effect, the wooden cabinet of the loudspeaker is suitably treated by a German specialist company in Franconia. During the finishing process, the outer surfaces are meticulously metallized by hand and then subjected to a multi-stage process that perfectly mimics the optical aging process of a wooden case. The steel particles are purposefully oxidized. Finally, a protective layer of clear lacquer is applied to seal the finish.

Clearly visible: specially machined housing

The result is a surface that is as attractive as it is unique, and at the same time suitable for everyday use, which shimmers in different shades of orange, red and brown and, when touched, gives very good tactile feedback in the form of a pleasant natural color. texture. Because the oxidation process is unique to each pass, no nuLine Jubilee box is the same. As such, each speaker in the Limited Special Edition is completely unique, and a special number plate identifies the box as a special model. Two versions of nuLine Jubilee are offered in the jubilee year only.

All nuLine loudspeakers are designed in Schwäbisch Gmünd and manufactured to Nubert’s exacting specifications by a German audio furniture company. After the special processing described above, the body of the nuLine Jubilee is assembled by hand in Schwäbisch Gmünd.

nuLine 284 Jubilee slim and elegant

Why did Nubert choose to create the nuLine 34 and nuLine 284 nuLine Jubilee special models? The compact nuLine 34 double sided shelf box and the slim nuLine 284 triple sided floor box co-founded the current generation of nuLine in 2012. The beginning of the series itself dates back to 1998. Not only are they the best-selling loudspeakers in the extensive range, they are also one of the most popular offerings in the entire Nubert range.

nuLine Jubilee 34 mesh

This doesn’t surprise us, because the compact, cleanly crafted nuLine 34, typical of Nubert, offers great sound from a relatively small package. In particular, the expressive bass range never ceases to amaze, but the excellent level stability also surprises. The neutral, authentic overall design connects the nuLine 34 with other speaker types in the nuLine series. You can easily drive this powerful little loudspeaker even with high quality stereo amplifiers in the league > 1000 euros – you will hardly find better value for money among other bookshelf loudspeakers on the German market.

nuLine Jubilee 34 without mesh

The nuLine 34 Jubilee features a 26mm silk dome tweeter and a long-throw 180mm polypropylene diaphragm woofer. Impedance 4 ohm. At -3 dB, frequencies from 48 Hz to 23 kHz can be displayed. Nubert defines the efficiency (2.83V/1m) as 88dB, with the other measurement method (1W/1m) it is 85dB. The nominal load of 160 watts for a small speaker is huge, short-term musical load reaches even 220 watts.


Tone switch terminals for high range (soft, neutral, shiny)

As with the Nubert, the tweeter and midrange/bass driver, as well as the high-tech crossover, are protected from overload by self-resetting fuses. The nuLine 34 Jubilee is 34cm high, 21cm wide and 33cm deep with grille. Each speaker weighs 9.5 kg.

nuLine Jubilee 284 mesh

The narrow nuLine 284 is a good example of how a floor standing speaker of almost 115 centimeters high and weighing about 30 kilograms can look graceful and graceful. From an acoustic standpoint, however, don’t let the thin columnar dimensions fool you. The floorstanding loudspeaker shines with outstanding bass so that even deep acoustic elements are revealed to their fullest when reproducing cinematic sound. But the power in the bass range, which never overshadows other sonic components unnecessarily, is in a class of its own. Smooth transitions from low frequencies to mids and from mids to high frequencies provide a self-contained homogeneous sound. Precise contours of vocal elements and high spatial resolution in the high-frequency range are other great advantages of the nuLine 284. Of course, we had both. nuLine 34 as good as nuLine 284 in the then standard versions in the test.

nuLine Jubilee 284 no mesh

The nuLine 284 Jubilee features a 26mm silk dome tweeter, a 123mm fiberglass sandwich diaphragm midrange driver and three long-throw polypropylene diaphragm woofers (150mm each). Impedance 4 ohm. BVei – 3dB can display frequencies from 33Hz to 23kHz. Nubert lists the efficiency (2.83 V/1 m) as 88.5 dB, with the other measurement method (1 W/1 m) it is 85.5 dB. The extremely high nominal load power of 330 W is impressive, short-term musical load power is even 450 W.

Carefully crafted crossover

Terminals with a tone selector

Like the Nubert, the tweeter, mid-range driver, woofer, and composite high-tech crossover are protected from overload by self-resetting fuses. With traverse, the nuLine 284 Jubilee is 112.8 cm high, 24.5 cm wide (only 18 cm without traverse) and 35 cm deep with grating. Each speaker weighs a whopping 28.5kg.

Our Conclusion

Even the regular versions of the Nubert nuLine 34 and Nubert nuLine 284 are loudspeakers that set standards in their class. This applies both to acoustic characteristics and to the quality of workmanship and technical equipment. The limited editions of the nuLine 34 Jubilee and nuLine 284 Jubilee, which will be available only in 2022, now include two unique special models where each box is completely unique thanks to a special case finishing process.

Special: Carsten Rampacher
Photos: Nubert
Editor: Philip Kind
Date: March 12, 2022

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