The gaming legend has been delighting gamers for 40 years

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Sid Meier should be familiar to many gamers, simply because dozens of games bear his name and have a large fan base. On the occasion of the anniversary of his famous Civilization series, the gamemaker spoke about the problems of the industry and about good games.

who is the legend Sid Meier is one of the most important game creators of recent decades. Among his most famous works are the series “Civilization” and the famous “Pirates of Sid Meier!”.

He has been in the gaming industry since 1982 and has founded several studios. In his portfolio, he can show more than 50 games during this time in which he took part or which even bear his name.

In one BBC Interview On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Civilization, Meyer spoke about what makes good games – and why developers should pay attention to what they focus on.

Studios like Ubisoft, for example, are fully embracing the NFT trend. that’s what’s dangerous, Meyer says. The focus on monetization misleads studios.

Civilization IVThe Civ series is one of Meyer’s most famous works.

“If you don’t have good gameplay at its core, then it just doesn’t work”

Meyer says: According to Meyer, the big challenge in game development is choosing the right focus. It should always be based on the gameplay – this is what is special and attractive in video games:

If we forget about it and decide that monetization or something else not related to gameplay, [wichtiger sind]If we forget to make good games and think of games as a means or opportunity for something else, then we go astray.

People may assume that a game is going to be good and fun, and what it takes to be successful, be it cinematography, monetization, or whatever. But if there is no core, with good gameplay, it will not work.

Gameplay isn’t even the biggest hurdle in the game, and it’s not even expensive. This does not require a “thousand command” and is therefore easy to overlook. But there are so many opportunities for distraction that you need to make good games to keep gamers.

According to the BBC, the fact that Meyer is specifically into monetization is due to the new NFT trend. Many studios are currently trying to attract players and encourage them to invest.

What is NFT? Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs for short, are something like digital trading cards. Virtual items are made unique using the blockchain and become objects that players can trade directly.

The idea is that players actually “own” their items via NFT. In our article, we will explain in more detail how what is NFT and Why are they such a controversy?

The trend among developers and influencers has been on the rise since 2021. There have always been problems with scammers who exploit the system and enrich themselves at the expense of others. This is one of the reasons why this topic is so controversial that many gamers don’t want to do it. However, MeinMMO author Mike Schneider has a different opinion:

The harsh criticism of NFTs in games is unfair – it’s more than microtransactions.

By the way, Meyer is not going to quit his job. Maybe with his work he will really help other studios to return to the “correct wrg”.

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