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The Samsung Galaxy M52 is currently on sale at a significant discount on Amazon. The new mid-range cell phone features a fast 5G radio, a large battery, 128GB of storage, and a powerful camera. We are reviewing the deal in detail.

Today, Amazon is reducing the number of Samsung Galaxy smartphones in various price ranges. Electricity Samsung Galaxy M52 this is real price advice with its good equipment and is cheaper than ever today. You save more than 100 euros compared to RRP. We show whether the offer of a smartphone is really worth it. This is our tech trade of the day.

Top Deal in Detail: Samsung Galaxy M52

The Samsung Galaxy M52 belongs to Samsung’s strong mid-range. It was only introduced at the end of September 2021, so it is brand new and has a real price. The smartphone supports the new 5G mobile technology and is available in black, white and blue colors.

The Samsung Galaxy M52 features a crisp FHD+ display, large battery, and 128GB of internal storage. There are three cameras on the rear panel, the main camera has a resolution of 64 megapixels. An ultra wide-angle lens and a macro camera are also integrated for detailed shots. The front-facing selfie camera is mounted on the front of the phone.

The battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh. This means that the smartphone works for at least two days even with normal use. With up to 25W of power, you can also quickly charge your mobile phone. The kit includes a matching power supply for fast charging. With a powerful processor, Android 11 and 6GB of RAM, the M52 is fast and reliable. FROM microSD card expand the M52 memory to 1 terabyte.

Here’s why a smartphone is a good choice

The Samsung Galaxy M52 offers a lot of smartphones for little money. It’s a well-equipped phone with a big battery, a good camera, and a big display. This makes it an ideal companion in everyday life. The inexpensive station wagon is now greatly reduced and cheaper than ever! You save more than 100 euros at the manufacturer’s recommended price.

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Here’s how we find the best deals

Our goal is to find the best deals for you. When choosing products, we pay attention to the cheapest price at the moment, good ratings, different test results and the presence of good sizes (for example, in fashion). We choose our best deals based on the best price and conduct independent research. We compare prices in major online stores and thus we can determine the real savings. The article will be constantly updated so that you do not miss a bargain.

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