Samsung Galaxy: You must change these settings on your mobile immediately

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March 26, 2022, 7:30 pm

Samsung Galaxy phones are very popular. But some settings are annoying or even a threat to your security. You must change these 5 parameters immediately.

Samsung is celebrating the great sales success of its Galaxy mobile phones.
Samsung is celebrating the great sales success of its Galaxy mobile phones. (Source: netzwelt)

  • Samsung phones offer their own user interface called One UI.
  • It extends Android with numerous options.
  • It is not optimally set at the factory.

Samsung ships its Galaxy phones with its own user interface called One UI. This offers many improvements over pure Android, but is not optimally configured from the factory. Below we will tell you which parameters you should definitely configure.

Disable touch protection

If your Galaxy cell phone is in a pocket without a lock, the algorithm should recognize this and prevent accidental calling by touching it. in Protection against accidental touches but often also causes problems when unlocking a cell phone because it is set too sensitively. But this can be fixed. How? We explain it to you in the linked instructions.

Block spam calls

The number of spam calls is on the rise. At present, for example, many of you from The federal police department called. What you may not know is that your Galaxy mobile phone offers built-in spam protection with Smart Call, but it is deactivated at the factory. We’ll tell you how Smart call is enabled.

Empty trash or turn off directly

Your Galaxy cell phone memory is full, you then delete a lot of photos – but you still don’t get your storage space back? The records are probably still in Paper basket. We tell you how to empty it on Galaxy phones or turn it off directly.

Disable Samsung for free

Samsung Free is a standalone start screen that brings together Samsung news and offers. You can get to it by swiping left. If you are not using the scope, you can disable it: How to turn off Samsung for free.

Enable clipboard warning

The clipboard can be a potential security vulnerability on Android smartphones. Samsung offers you an alert feature on newer devices that alerts you as soon as the clipboard is accessed. Enable clipboard warning.

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