Roborock Q7 Max+ review

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The new Roborock Q7 Max+ was introduced in early March. The sucker itself seems to be a mid-range Roborock. However, in terms of price, you have already reached the top class with the suction station.

That’s it: technically, the suction power of the Q7 Max+ is 4200 Pa. That’s more than the previous 2,500 a year for many other devices, but also less than the 5,100 a year for Roborock’s current top class. S7 MaxV Ultra.

Roborock puts a 5200mAh battery in the Q7 Max+. It should last up to 180 minutes. The Roborock Q7 Max+ is also available without the “plus” on the back because it stands for an automatic suction station. In other words: The 470ml dustbin is automatically sucked up, so that the robot vacuum cleaner can vacuum on its own for a long time. The model rests on a 350 ml water tank, which is combined with a dirt container in the device.

Q7 Max+ is not only robot vacuum cleaner with a suction station, the water tank already indicates that it is also mop-cleaned. Here you rely on a commercially available wiper blade that has a cloth that then provides a wet wipe. Wipe the rag very regularly because, unlike the S7 MaxV Ultra, the rag does not automatically clean itself.

First the rough stuff, now a few details before I move on to my observations of daily cleaning and wiping.

advantageTechnical detailsfunction
Built for powerful cleaningimproved hard rubber brush with powerful suction power of 4200 Pa

uniform down pressure 300g and 30 different levels of water pressure

makes maintenance easier for the user

Dirt is also removed deep into carpets and crevices.

mop and vacuum floors at the same time

Designed for comfortAutomatic Cleaning of the Pure Dock

Precision Lidar navigation system

automatically empties the built-in dust container after each cleaning

emptying hands-free up to seven weeks

more economical way to clean

convenient customization options

Recognizes obstacles3D map function, includes individual cleaning programs, 350ml water tank and 470ml waste bin.recognizes furniture such as sofas or beds and thus the type of room.

Includes various cleaning scripts

Additional security featureCastle for children/animalsno accidental start by children or pets

The suction station is made of plastic. It all looks so valuable processed. It’s a pity that Roborock also uses a bag solution here. If the bag is full, another one must be used. It’s clean and hygienic, but I personally find the bagless station more appealing. A matter of taste.

in robot vacuum cleaner configured and ready to use in no time. It connects to your wireless LAN via an app. This requires an account on the Roborock app. The first trip should serve as an inspection of your apartment. I’m probably not telling anyone anything completely new. Overcomes obstacles up to 2 cm robot vacuum cleaner.

If you have long pile carpets, you must mark them as a restricted area in the app. Under certain circumstances, you must block these carpets in advance or even remove them, because the Q7 Max + has a screwed side brush, the rubber brushes of which are again separated. I’ve never had this happen with a vacuum cleaner, but the brush actually got tangled in the carpet, and because the brush is screwed on, it was quite a hassle to straighten it out.

I know the Roborock app from testing other models. Personally, I find it very well designed and comfortable to use. Standards such as restricted areas and virtual walls are included, other features depend on the used robot vacuum cleaner manufactured. And if you already know many models, then, unfortunately, missing functions are noticeable. Of course, I can manually define the restricted area, but the Q7 Max+ does not have automatic carpet detection in the app for rendering in the app.

However, it recognizes carpets when vacuuming and adjusts the suction power accordingly. With other models, you can say: if you recognize the carpet, go around it and skip it. Here it can only be done manually. The Q7 Max+ also doesn’t lift the mop when it detects a carpet.

Appendix: Modern and intuitive to use. Plans, full and room cleaning, selective cleaning, manual cleaning, many modes and statuses – all included.

Accumulator battery: According to Roborock, it lasts up to 3 hours (depending on suction power). Suggestion: With it, you can easily clean your place. I like to use the hallway as an example. 10 square meters, vacuum and wipe – about 5% battery and just over 10 minutes of time.

levels: The robot can memorize up to four map levels.

volume: If you let the Q7 work at its maximum, then you will not only notice 4200 pa in performance, but also hear – “loud” is not an indicator, and watching TV is almost impossible.

Object detection: Does not exist.

HEPA filter: Does not exist.

Otherwise, the application should fulfill all wishes in most cases. You can enter the type of floor, define custom cleaning processes, set a timer, clean manually and/or selectively – anything is possible. Recently, you can also display your rooms in 3D with the current iPhone. So, you walk around the rooms and scan them with your iPhone camera. It may look plastic in the app, but it didn’t add any value to me personally.

Suction power: Roborock Q7 Max+ has more suction power than many other models. In ordinary life, I didn’t notice much about this, because ordinary dirt was cleaned off just as well or badly as from another model. I couldn’t tell if the Roborock S7 or the Roborock Q7 Max+ was on the way. The first “only” has 2500 per annum on paper.

You also need to consider how the constellation of furniture. Our kitchen set has a slight offset at the level of the laser tower, so it may happen that dirt remains under the offset. Just because robot vacuum cleaner just fit, but just in case, it doesn’t wobble under the offset and then hit the cabinet, so to speak. It doesn’t have this problem with corners or walls. At the same time, not everything has been cleaned up in the former. Overall, I am satisfied with the various suction modes. Although I’m not exactly a child of sadness and usually drink a full bottle – it’s a little louder, but it can be done when you’re out of the apartment.

Outwardly, I am satisfied with the cleaning efficiency. By this statement, I actually mean the surface. It was no problem to get rid of the usual dirt by vacuuming and wiping. Cleanly vacuuming things like any crumbs (if you are very sensitive and you still have a lot of carpet, you can vacuum the surface dirt with a vacuum cleaner. Deeper dirt still needs to be removed from the carpet with a classic vacuum cleaner.) but rather wiping fresh stains with it.

Dried items still need to be cleaned by hand. I managed to wash off the old ketchup stains 3 times – they remained. With this model, wiping is more of a duty than a freestyle, because while other Roborock models shake again (like the S7 with high-speed sonic wiping), this cleaning improvement measure doesn’t apply here. This model has a weight of up to 300 grams and several (30!) freely adjustable water levels. When it comes to my tiles, I’m not squeamish and usually go through everything I can.

What’s left at the end? By itself, the Roborock Q7 Max + is worthy robot vacuum cleaner with erase function. It absorbs very well and wipes well. 649 euros is the recommended retail price of a vacuum cleaner with a suction station. Smart by Roborock. On paper, the S7 with its station offers less hassle when vacuuming, but it really didn’t get any worse for me.

The S7 Roborock S7+ is better and smarter at wiping – the suction station also comes bagless. Drawback: It is of course also more expensive. At the start there was a set of a vacuum cleaner and a station for 799 euros. Alternative advice? Dream Bot Z10 Pro. Gabs are already on sale for 399 euros.

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