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F-zero X, the thrilling sequel to the Super Nintendo classic, is one of the fastest racing games you’ll ever see. If you were one of them, it’s just a game of the original F zero always been bad, then wait until you F-zero X play! One reason for the overwhelming sense of speed F-zero X consistently high refresh rate. Even when 30 Hover cars are vying for pole position, there is not the slightest shudder. And the 4-player split-screen mode is arguably one of the hottest multiplayer modes out there. Here, too, the frame rate always remains consistently high.

High above the abstract image of the planet’s surface, treadmills meander and turn into infinity. As with the first F-Zero, the track’s barriers are set to damage your car if you touch them, so the ultimate goal is always the cleanest possible race.

The boost arrows are strategically placed on the track, but you can also get turbo boosted by pressing the B button after you’ve completed the first lap of the race, although this will cost you the energy of your shields. With the R button and the Z button, you can steer sharper and more elegantly through corners. The controls are very intuitive and allow you to steer the car very precisely, which is also very important considering that a driving mistake can lead you to the edge of the track and nowhere.

Players can choose between 30 different hover cars. Among other things, there are also upgraded versions of Captain Falcon’s Blue Falcon and other vehicles from the original F-Zero. Each car has very different driving characteristics – some are light and agile, others are big and bulky – but victory is possible with everyone. And don’t be fooled into thinking that a faster car is always better – heavier cars are better protected and more resistant to damage, including road barriers. In Death Race your task is to eliminate the opponents that are on the track.

IN F-zero X the game view is free to move so you can look backwards or move the camera up to get a better view. You can also zoom in to take a look at your car. The background is also devoid of unnecessary details – you don’t notice this when the scenery is rushing by at a speed of more than 1500 km/h. In addition to new cars, tracks and character offerings F-zero X also a great incentive to play the game again and again. To unlock all 30 cars and all tracks, you must prove yourself in each of the track modes. Who needs weapons or weird extras anyway? After all, we are dealing with one of the fastest racing games of all time!

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