iOS 15.4 is here: unlock with mask, vaccination card in wallet and new emojis

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Apple’s Big Corona Update for iOS 15.4 Is Here: Mask Unlock, Vaccination Card in Wallet, and New Emojis

Masked woman looking at her smartphone

In some situations, FaceID was just annoying – for example, in a supermarket, where the mask must remain open.

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Christian Hensen

03/15/2022, 09:51 2 min reading time

Apple has released iOS 15.4, bringing many new features to the iPhone and iPad. From now on, you can unlock your iPhone with a mask, save your vaccination card in your wallet, and use many new emojis.

No question: updating to iOS 15.3 a few weeks ago was important. But: It hardly offered any new features and was purely for your safety. With iOS 15.4, things look completely different this time: the recently released update brings many practical innovations, especially against the backdrop of the still acute corona situation, the installation is almost necessary.

Because with iOS 15.4, you can finally unlock iPhone 12 devices with a face mask. The fact that this is not possible was previously considered a nuisance in places where the mask could not be removed from the face, such as when shopping or on public transport.

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As soon as you update the system, the system will ask you to scan your face again, after which the scan will work with the mask. Great relief.

Vaccination confirmation in wallet – how it works

The ability to store a vaccination card in a wallet is also useful for making everyday life easier in the face of coronavirus. In addition to CovPass and Corona-Warn-App, this is another way to quickly and easily access vaccination certificates if you need to show a QR code.

AirTags are a small accessory with a lot of potential.

Apple’s new AirTags product is an expensive keychain. And he’s amazing


Inserting a vaccination card is very simple: use the camera app to scan the QR code of the vaccination certificate that you received, for example, from a pharmacy. As soon as the device recognizes the code, a message appears stating that it is a corona vaccination certificate. If you click on this message, the iPhone will prompt you to deposit it into your wallet – you’re done.

Lots of new features and faces

The update also includes new features for Apple Mail, password management, shortcuts, Facetime, Siri, and the Camera app on new devices.

In addition, 37 new emojis are waiting to be used in all kinds of chats. There are seven faces, seven hand gestures and a host of new symbols such as the disco ball, crutch, lifebuoy, soap bubbles and coral.

New emoji icons from iOS 15.4

Salute, Dissolve, Dissolve, Heart Symbol: You can use these and many more new symbols in all chats with iOS 15.4.

The update to iOS 15.4 is now available for download through system settings. Updates for macOS 12.3 and watchOS 8.5 are also available.

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