Important Update: Face Recognition on iPhone Now with Mask

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Better than CovPass and Corona-Warn-App? Here's what the new digital vaccination certificate can do

With the update to iOS 15.4, Apple got rid of a big annoyance and integrated a new feature that allows you to use Face ID with a mask. Whether it’s unlocking a mobile phone, paying with Apple Wallet, or showing the CovPass app in a restaurant, it doesn’t need to be distorted anymore.

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On Monday evening, Apple published the release of iOS 15.4, which is available for free download in the iPhone settings. Two features stand out as especially important because they are designed to make life a little easier during the pandemic.

Download: iOS Final for iPhone 13

Unlock your phone and pay with a mask: a new version of Face ID

Face ID does not yet know how to work with masks.Face ID does not yet know how to work with masks.

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Unlock your cell phone despite the mask, you can do it work with tricks or Detour via Apple Watch walk. With iOS 15.4, Apple is launching an additional version of Face ID. When setting up, users can choose between two options:

  • Default: iPhone users have long been familiar with this type of facial recognition because it’s the version used before that only works without a mask because all facial features are used, especially around the mouth and nose.
  • With mask: The second version of Face ID is new because it allows you to wear a mask. Previously, Face ID would recognize a face mask and then ask for a PIN. Apple notes that the new option is less secure because only the eye area is used for authentication. An additional option allows you to shoot a face with and without glasses.

So who will use the iPhone in the future? CovPass app wants to open it can make it faster despite the mask if a new version of Face ID is installed. Of course, this is also practical for other apps that you need to access while wearing a face mask and that can even perform additional Face ID verification, such as password managers or banking apps. Unfortunately, the new version of Face ID only seems to work on iPhone 12 or newer.

The certificate finally ends up in Apple Wallet

With the GreenPass EU app, iPhone users can already transfer the certificate to their wallet.With the GreenPass EU app, iPhone users can already transfer the certificate to their wallet.

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In addition, with iOS 15.4, the EU Covid digital certificate can now be added to Apple Wallet as well as the Health app. In the future, you will no longer have to explicitly invoke the CovPass or Corona Warning app to present your vaccination certificate at a restaurant or bar.

Download: Coronavirus and CovPass Alert App

More emoji: Apple adds over 100 new chat symbols

Over 100 new emoji can be used with iOS 15.4 on WhatsApp & Co, including a melting face and a face hiding behind your hands. New hand signs include an upraised hand, an index finger pointing at the reader, and two hands forming a heart.

You can find an overview of all new emojis at

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