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March 06, 2022 | 21:07 | 0 comments

Next Tuesday invites Apple to the first performance of the year. The manufacturer from Cupertino will present new equipment under the motto “Peek Performance”. It’s perfectly normal to have a few days amplify rumors about upcoming products ahead of the keynote. After Mark Gurman of Bloomberg commented on the new products, analyst Ming Chi Kuo also spoke out this Sunday.

Kuo talks about future Apple products

Renowned analyst Ming Chi Kuo, who has repeatedly demonstrated his very good knowledge of Apple, although not always hitting the mark, takes to Twitter today to talk about the upcoming products of the Mac desktop family.

Kuo says Apple won’t be releasing an iMac Pro or a new Mac Pro this year. He doesn’t expect these products to be available until next year. In the current 2022, Apple will release a more powerful Mac mini and a more attractively priced external 27-inch display (without mini-LED).

Kuo’s statements partially contradict with a forecast from exhibition analyst Young Ross. This suggests a 27-inch iMac Pro will arrive later this year. It’s entirely possible that the two analysts are talking about different devices. Perhaps this year there will be a “regular” 27-inch iMac, and next year a 27-inch iMac Pro.

As mentioned, this year Kuo expects a new Mac mini and a new 27-inch display. With these two products, we can well imagine that next Tuesday – next to iPhone SE 3 as well as new ipad air 5 – be on the agenda of the main report. Just before the weekend, there was a rumor Makstudio as well as Apple Studio display on the. Is this a new Mac mini or similar device with a new display? We have to wait two more days.

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